Left wants the Right vaccinated?

It’s pretty clear the left hates the right. They hate white america, hate conservatives. Hate america first.

They’ve declared everyone and everything racist, their history, their ancestors and their children.

They declared most whites white supremacists.

They declared white conservatives domestic terrorists.

They have dehumanized them, called them nazis and facists.

But somehow now they are worried a small percentage who remain unvaccinated get sick and die from covid?

Is that right? Looking out for their best interests now huh.

Yea, Ok.


They’re worried unvaxxed people WON’T get sick and die from it.


Thanks for the concern. But I’ll make my own health choices without help from liberals or the government.


So they release vax while floating stories about less potent delta variant, half the country declines vax, delta kills more than expected, unvaxxed gets blamed, neighbors turn to foes.

You’re seeing how the Holocaust was possible.


Are there any semi accurate stats about % of left & right who are vaccinated? Just curious to see since I could easily imagine that there are more left unvaccinated than right due to demographic distrust of the vaccine.

Lol I like how you worded that.

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Remember that the demographic you’re talking about only makes up 13% of the nation…


I always saw the left as more of the type to eat organic only, nothing GMO, wheatgrass etc etc.

Now they’re all for injecting formaldehyde and mercury into their bloodstreams as long as nobody gets a runny nose

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You’re right on both counts. The need for virtue signaling exists in both of those.

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Hi Gina!

It’s funny to hear ya’ll talk like this because I’m black and NOBODY around me wants to get vaccinated because they don’t trust the government. I think I read we’re by far the least vaccinated race.

Conservatives and black people have more in common than they both think.


I have a black friend who says the same thing. He says any of them under 40 isn’t getting but the older ones are flocking to it. Pretty networked family so I believe his assessment. He surprised me the other day saying his whole family is hoping Trump comes back. Maybe this is the thing that ends the divide. I hope so.

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The black race is going to lose all political power in the next few years.

Mass amnesty will do it. Or a few years of the way were going with immigration

Once the dems have that vote everyone else becomes expendable.

Anyone who cares (black white asian, whatev) about freedom, prosperity, natural and human rights and a decent future for your kids needs to vote america first, yesterday.

Im not talking trump, guy caused way more problems than he solved.

Not like you guys have any reason not to trust government backed injections!

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I’m fine with pro-choice; don’t want it, don’t get it.

The only reason I’d like WHATEVER group isn’t getting vaccinated to get it is that I believe in and mostly understand the biology of disease mutations. If some fucks want to risk their lives by not getting the vaccine, that’s fine with me, but the more unvaccinated, the higher the chance of COVID (or any disease) to spread, and the higher the chance of a mutation which puts us back to square one, or worse.

It’s like the inverse of drugs. I’ve never done drugs, but I don’t care if others do them - that’s their choice. However, if you get blasted and then drive or get violent, then fuck you. Not getting vaccinated isn’t as bad, but it still increases that risk of doing harm to others.

Here in STL Blacks make up 80% of the new cases since May. take a look at DC #s


Then carry on wearing a mask and keep six feet. Simple.

Red Trump voting counties around 30% vaxxed. Blacks a bit higher. Hispanics a bit higher than that.

It’s not just a right-wing hooplehead thing.

& you’re seeing more Republican political leaders, and even some of the propagandists whistle a different tune now because…….

We’re going to be taking lockdown measures again in the fall if the numbers don’t improve.

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I can only do so much. Masks aren’t to protect you, they are to protect others. It’s an assumption, but I imagine the Venn diagram of those that that refuse the vaccine and also refuse to wear a mask are pretty close to a perfect overlap.

I still follow basic guidance and do things to reduce contact overall. It hasn’t changed my life substantially (pick up / deliver groceries in stead of go to the store regularly, I have a great home gym, I watch movies at home, etc.).


Lol exactly. If I end up taking the vaccine, it won’t be because the government recommended it.