Lefties are so F’ing pussies

Driving home from work and listening to Progress Radio on SiriusXM. The host is in full paranoia mode about Covid talking about those with the mildest symptoms have lingering effects… All 1% of the 2million cases surveyed! Evidently the ‘lingering effects’ are higher cholesterol and similar things. And then listeners call in to lament their lingering symptoms of depression…

Seriously, WTF!? I get how higher cholesterol might be linked to Covid but I find it difficult to believe they’ve established a definitive link to something that is largely based on diet. As for depression… That may be because of Covid, but not because you got sick.

What a bunch of pussies…


Welcome to the new age!

Why would you be listening to a station like that in the first place…throw on some tunes and enjoy the ride home

I listen to both sides… It used to be a good way to get a more nuanced view, but now it’s mostly to see how insane the Left is on any particular day.

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NPR is trash now. They have jumped with both feet into the deep end of the lefty pool.


This lol.

There is no more nuance with the left. Nothing to be had from listening to their drivel other than frustration.

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This doesnt make it less gay. Stop listening to that stuff or else I’m going to personally come take a shit on your living room carpet.

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I would tell you to fuck off, but, I am too big of a pussy and am afraid you’d challenge me, so…I guess you’re right.

This isn’t a ‘Left’ issue. The ‘Right’ has plenty of big floppy-labia’ed pussbois in it, too.

I do the same thing. I watch that faygot pussy Chuck Todd on Sunday mornings just to listen to their bullshit. They still constantly talk about Trump

Yeah but are they pussy enough to whine about it in a safe place?

season 1 showtime GIF by Shameless

One more thing to be a victim about, and it’s probably all Trump’s fault in their mind… They’re extremely weak weak minds