Leftist idiot tries to scare police horse, learns.

An obvious allegory of the lefts movement as a whole. Poorly thought out ideas.

DSoV - 

Was hoping it would be a clean shot to the skull, oh well.

me too

Hopefully she's found and taken to justice for assault 

mixedmartialfarts -

So many apolitical videos are being recycled lately with misleading titles to make them political... this dumb broad got kicked in Canada almost 5 years ago.  The people tweeting these misleading titles know exactly what they are doing and are treating you guys like useful idiots.

This is right. I recognize the video. It is very old. 

"Police brutality" in 3..2...


Too bad it didn't kick her in the fucking head and do the world a favor! 

It's amazing how accurate horses are with their rear legs.

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Lol fucking bitch asked for it. 

I hope the horse gets a medal ??