Leg lock videos?

keep 'em coming guys

Island has one of mine thats been out for a few years,over 40 moves on one tape.

Choked Out Surfer,

Thank you for your input but I don't know what your name is (I'm sorry but I'm new to this forum) so I wouldn't be able to know which tape is your's that's put out by Island. Could you tell me your name or the name of your tape(s)?

Choked Out Surfer = Randy Bloom

I can't do links on here, but here's the address to Randy's vids.




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ChokedOut...any plans to put that vid on DVD?

Peteypete,yes,it is being transfer to DVD,I hear from the people at Island with in a month.

Choked Out Surfer,

I haven't seen your leg locks vid, but I do have your "Escapes" I & II. Great stuff! I'm planning on getting the "Transitions" soon! Keep 'em comin'!

Island rocks! It's great that the Joe Moriera "Passing the Guard" is now on DVD, too!

Surfer, would you say that leg locks are a big part of your arsenal? What's your favorite leg technique?


I have a new one coming out sometime in May,keep your eye peeled to Island.

anyone remember Tony C's old chicago seminar tape?
That was a masterpiece!

ZW: I remember alot of people talking about that tape and how good it was. I don't think it's available anymore--at least I couldn't find it on Tony C's site.

Anyone else willing to comment on the quality of the videos (in terms of instruction) found at www.leglocks.com?