leg on shoulder pass whips ass

Since I have have learned to do this properly I fear no triangle choke.  I have been doing this pass exclusively.  I am giving it to everyone and their eyes light up... he he... but only for a second.

Funny thing is I had totally given up on this pass.  I freakin love it.

It's my favorite pass as well.
In fact, when people go for the triangle, it makes the pass work even better.

Many people who don't like the leg-on-shoulder pass simply haven't been taught it properly. When it comes to guard passing, my next goal is really study this pass in detail.

When it comes to guard passing, my next goal is really study this pass in detail.

Yikes! I thought you already did. Hope there is a vid to follow.

leg on shoulder pass is a lot easier because the only real danger is the triangle. If you nullify that then your pretty safe.

Over the leg is a lot harder for me. I can't seem to find my balance sometimes and it can land you in half guard or a sweep or getting your back taken ect.

As far as the hug-around-the-chest pass, I teach a series to teach you how to properly position your body depending on your opponent's leg positioning. Your opponent can cross their ankles around your legs and take the half guard, but then you just do a half guard pass. As far as your opponent taking your back, that is easily to stop. In the Guard Passing video, I only teach the basic version which is only a small part of the series.

I am pretty solid with the leg on shoulder pass but if you produce a vid for hug around the chest/over the leg passing I'm all for it, I have shitty balance.

It is not an issue of having good balance. It is an issue of understanding how to tilt your hips and position your legs based on how your opponent is trying to sweep you or lift you off the ground. You can have good balance, but I will still sweep you if you don't know proper body positioning.

I was never able to pull this pass until I saw Michael's video. The only problem is that he's so buff and his partner was weak and smaller :-D

Where can I buy these Leg on Shoulder pass Joe Moreira Videos from?

The people in this thread are referring to my guard passing video which can be found at http://jenbjj.com/Merchandise/UGP1.html