Leg Staple Guard Pass


"The leg staple guard pass is probably the first guard pass I learned (in judo, no less), and it was definitely the first pass I was comfortable trying on my training partners and in tournaments. The history of this pass goes back at least to the end of the 19th century, and almost certainly back to long before that. In more recent times, it has developed around what your opponent is likely to do as a counter or defense, and it has become a staple of any white belt's BJJ game (if it's not a staple of your game, it really should be). Let's take a look at the essence of this position, along with some tweaks to help execute the technique against a more feisty, technical opponent. Note: this pass is also commonly called the "same-side knee drive pass" as well."


Excellent!  Thank you!!!

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Excellent!  Thank you!!!


Everything Andrew posts is awesome.

CJJScout - Everything Andrew posts is awesome.

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