William “Bubba” Bush is widely considered Legacy FC royalty. There is not one person that has been around the Houston MMA scene who doesn’t know his name. He has been with the promotion since its’ Lonestar Beatdown days and has six wins to show for it. With just one disqualification and one loss on his record, he looks to garner his first title at middleweight on July 19th. Having lost his last title contention for the same belt in 2011 against now-UFC fighter, Andrew Craig, Bush pushes harder than ever to get that strap fastened securely around his waist. The one person standing in his way? His opponent and fellow Legacy FC vet, Larry “Tae Kwon” Crowe [6-2]. Read on as Bubba and I discuss the road to Legacy FC 21.
Legacy: Explain to the fans that are going to be reading this: what is the importance of that strong wrestling component in your training background? How has it helped you?
Bubba Bush: Whoever has the best wrestling in the fight gets to pick where the fight happens. Doesn't matter if your jiu-jitsu is better than theirs or if your striking is better than theirs if your wrestling's not, because they're not going to fight you where you're better than they are. It allows me to put the fight where I want it; it translates into everything: hip control and just the explosive nature of a wrestler's hips translates well into every other martial art: boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu...whatever it is.
Legacy: Everyone knows you are a very strong wrestler. Do you think that people underestimate your striking ability?
Bubba Bush: You know, I'm sure they do. I just look at it as they don't really under or overestimate my striking because they've never seen it. No one's ever made me use it yet. I hope they underestimate it.
Legacy: What have you been working on for this fight? Have you done anything different, training wise?
Bubba Bush: I'm trying to seek out better training partners and a higher level of grappling...trying to find people like Larry and his body style. Mostly just focusing on conditions and that aspect of it. The biggest difference is that extra ten minutes when you're exhausted. I want to go to that next level and go to Killeen and Austin as much as possible to train with Tim Kennedy and Colton Smith and Andrew Craig whenever they're out there, as well as my coach.
Legacy: This fight with Larry has been a long time coming and highly anticipated. What can the fans expect to see from you and from this fight in general?
Bubba Bush: Well, it either ends in a really quick flash or it's a long, drawn out battle. I think either one with excite the fans.
Legacy: If you were to win, do you see it in any particular way?
Bubba Bush: No, I don't call fights. The most obvious answer is ground and pound, but I would love to get a submission on him, too.
Legacy: In 2011, you battled Andrew Craig for Legacy's middleweight title and you lost in the last seconds of the championship round. What is different about Bubba Bush in 2013 that wasn't there in 2011?
Bubba Bush: Um...I don't have a broken foot? [Laughs] Yeah, I broke my foot about three weeks before that fight and I feel like my conditioning was a little sub-par based on that. I didn't get to do any road work or sparring for about three weeks.
Legacy: How did you break your foot?
Bubba Bush: Playing basketball with a girl.
Legacy: Oh no!
Bubba Bush: [Laughs] Yeah, I learned that lesson!
Legacy: How did you transition from fighting Andrew into him being one of your training partners?
Bubba Bush: I looked him up, called him and went out to see him and train with him. He's done very well for himself, for Legacy and the UFC; he's had a lot a success. You want to train with people who are doing well. You don't call the guys you've beaten to go train with them. He's the only guy who's beaten me, so I had to go train with him.
Legacy: If you do win this title, what's next for you?
Bubba Bush: Well, I'm with First Round Management so I've got a good management company and....I've got a chance to move to the next level, but I will stick with Mick [Maynard] as long as I can.
Legacy: Where do you see yourself in July of 2014?  The next level would be UFC?
Bubba Bush: Absolutely. Lord willing. If the UFC calls, we're all shipping off. Mick knows that and he's happy with all that, but I have no problem with this organization and this area. If I win the title, I will defend it as much as needed.