Legacy Of Kain games

I got into these kind of backwards. I had a demo of Soul Reaver for PS1 that I couldnt get enough of. But for whatever reason the first one I managed to buy was Defiance for PS2. Beat the shit out of that thing. I just bought Blood Omen 2 on ebay so Im going kind of in reverse order. The story skips around on all of them so it's not as bad as you would think plot wise. Phenominal set of games.

i rented Defiance, and i wasnt overly impressed with it... I suggest getting Psi Ops, funnest game ive played in a while

One bad part about defiance was too much backtracking. Go all through a temple then have to go back through it and out again. Too repetitive. The plot was intriguing but solving extremely similar puzzles to charge your weapon with air, water , fire etc gets old fast.

Might have to bust out the original playstation to play Blood Omen and Sould Reaver 1.