Legacy offering finish bonuses

Legacy FC to Offer Finish Bonuses in Conjunction with Ready Every Second (RES) Nation and AXS TV

HOUSTON — (September 6, 2013) — After striking a partnership with Ready Every Second (RES) Nation, Legacy Fighting Championship, in conjunction with AXS TV, will now extend finish bonuses to their fighters. The bonuses will be awarded for all finishes on main cards under the Legacy FC banner.

In 2011, Mike White and Jeff Nowling launched RES Nation with the mission of becoming a dynamic, culture-based company that propels individuals to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success.

Mick Maynard, President of Legacy FC, shared his thoughts on the new partnership:

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with RES Nation. Jeff and Mike are great people with incredible vision and love for MMA. This partnership between AXS TV, Legacy and RES Nation will allow us to not only help build their brand, but also provide the fighters an opportunity to receive finish bonuses. We see it as an all around win for everyone involved.”

Michael White and Jeff Nowling, Managing Partners of RES Nation, had this to say about the new relationship with Legacy FC:

“As RES Nation (Ready Every Second) enters the global market, we thought it best to launch through and endorse an organization with the level of class and aggressive growth that Legacy has displayed. We believe this dynamic partnership will create both exposure and excitement for each organization and anticipate greater things to come!”

Good Stuff, would like to see this become more common!

love this idea

Awesome. I think fighters should be rewarded for finishing fights.

It's been expressed on this forum that this idea could run into legal troubles akin to the injury bonuses in the NFL. I truly have no idea if it's in the same league, I'm just wondering if Legacy FC knows more about that topic.

Awesome. Legacy will be the new WEC in another two years or so. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think so. It's the goal of the "game" to finish whereas its not in the NFL Phone Post 3.0

Probably no different than sub of the night or KO of the night Phone Post 3.0

How high are they?

this is good for everyone. the fighters get rewarded with some extra cash and fans get rewarded with more exciting fights.

I like the idea and have been a long time fan of Legacy. Hope you guys continue to have more and more success.

Show + win + finish bonus?

or just show + finish?

Ha, definitely show plus win plus finish. Phone Post 3.0

War legacy Phone Post

You've been hanging around too many shady promoters, even though the devious brilliance in that would be clever. Im not very clever Phone Post 3.0

You get paid.............but only if you FINISH HIM!!!! Phone Post 3.0

mick713 - You get paid.............but only if you FINISH HIM!!!! Phone Post 3.0


Tad Ghostal - Show + win + finish bonus?

or just show + finish?

Either would be great Phone Post