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I have a friend that has been taking pictures off the web different fight clips, i.e. chuck with his arms out after a win, randy with the tear coming down his face, etc. He has taken these pictures and made stencils of them. They look awesome and he has spoke of selling them to a few retailers. Can he do this? I know typically you need permission to use someone elses likeness, however, because it is a stencil and the faces cannot really be made out, and there is no reference to the names or UFC? Does that make a difference? Thanks for the advice.


sorry to disapoint. went to the other ground for this one as well and no one seems to know.

Check with a copyright attorney.  More than likely you will get a response on here from a 14yo kid who couldn't give a shit, imho.

Does your "friend" post on the underground? SqualieII is correct check with an overpaid lawyer

if u change it 20% its yours- i heard thats how the law works

Yeah that is what I am going to do, but just wanted to check here first. Thanks

If you use Chucks likeness be prepared to give him some cash.

Many sports photographers would likely get upset (and rightly so,IMHO) if you used their work to make money. Could be copywrite issues.

You see this kind of thing on the internet all the time:

All Photographs on ASSKICKER's site

are the exclusive property of....

KICK ASS ENTERPRISES INC.and or Joe Lunchpail and are protected under UNITED STATES and INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAWS. The Photographs may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored or manipulated without the written permission of KICK ASS ENTERPRISES INC. and or Joe Lunchpail.

Ok here's the short of it...big no no.

just off the top of my head, this can get really complicated (I'm a lawyer, but not a copyright/sports specialist).

1.) Who ever took the photos in the first place has ownership rights to them.

2.) The fighter depicted also rights as to the commercial use of his own image.

3.) Depending on the event the promoters/media interests have rights here.

4.) There may be more plaintiffs here, but it's late and i can't think of any other major ones.

at a minimum all these guys can probably go after your friend. If he tries to sell these to people and makes $$ doing this you can bet sooner or later he's going to get a nice letter from an attorney.

Thanx MRMAKO...

Guess he won't be doing this thanks for the advice....