Legal prostitution advancing?

How much of it lightens the sentencing for child sex offenders?

Do you think two adults shouldn’t be able to exchange sex for money?

Viva adelitas bar!

lol it says a lot about the age and demographic of this board that the most liked comment is this terrible hack 1980s bit surely ripped from bill hicks’ first drafts

Hicks was never that cynical & his first drafts were all dick jokes.

I could see Belz saying that shit.

i was being polite

that is what a wife is, a long term ho with bad customer service!

This never made sense to me. If you film it and have a contract it’s ok.

it’s “art” and protected under 1A i believe.

^Also more heavily regulated & policed than just about any industry outside of explosives & nuclear energy.

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If you pay her $200 it’s illegal but if you pay for a$200 dinner instead = legal

I’m actually really surprised the Abo’s in the US and Canada haven’t embraced it on their sovereign land.