Legal Question (Texas)

here's the deal in a nutshell.

in november 02, i accidently bumped into a
co-workers vehicle with mine. there was minor
damage, and the co-worker told me not to worry
about it, as the "scuff marks" would probably wipe
off. end of story.

last i heard about it.

fast forward to sept. or oct. 03.....people around the
office start telling me the co-worker had her car
fixed, it was $400+ and her husband wanted me to
pay for it or he was taking me to court.

well...this "behind the back"stuff goes on for a few
months. i finally give 'em $50 and tell the chick i'll
pay them the rest after she gets me a copy of the
receipt from the repair shop (this was in jan. 04)

i never have been given a copy of the receipt (after
asking 2 or 3 times). this week i get a certified
letter from her husband saying if i don't give him a
payment within 10 days of receiving the letter, and
send another one every 30 days until i've paid it
all...he's taking me to court.

can he do that? especially since no police report
was filed, and my insurance was not involved?

As a practical matter, it seems like you guys should talk it out.

When in 2002 did this occur?

"can he do that?"

Not trying to be a smartass, but sure he can do it.... he did it. I'm not sure it has any legal significance.

Sorry.... just re-read the post. November of 2002. Got it.

They can certainly take this to court. It just seems more sensible to work something out.

It absolutely seems sensible for you to want to see some sort of damage estimate. They ought to understand that, in my opinion.

hey, OR...forgot you were over here...

anyway, I don't mind paying for the damages,
despite the fact there's no way it could have been
$400, but I can't prove that it this point.

It just seemed absurd to me to tell me it was no
big deal...then a year later try to slap a court visit on

I didn't think asking for a copy of the receipt was
unreasonable, but either my co-worker is not
communicating to him what i've communicated to
her...or they're just not giving me one.

any suggestions as to what i could do at this point
besides just flat out paying the money?

The only thing I would suggest is just directly talking to them. If she can't speak for them, I guess maybe you would have to talk to him.

Really, it seems like it would be in their best interest to show you the cost of fixing the car. If they take you to small claims court, they're going to have to give the judge evidence of the damages. It seems like to me that they could just show you the evidence and save themselves some time, trouble and effort.

that's what i was wondering. seems like that would be the easier option for everyone involved.

thanks for the advice, ORB. 'preciate it.