Legendary champs return, Cruz, Aldo and Fedor about to fight

Some great champs right there. You never know when it is gonna be the last one with fighters at this stage of their career.

This will be Cruz’s second fight this year. Only in 2011 and 2016 has he been able to fight more than once in a given year over the past decade. He fights Munhoz on Dec 11th at 269.

Aldo coming off a win over Munhoz and has a tough test in Font on Dec 4th Fight Night. Wants one more crack at the gold.

45 year old Fedor has not fought since he beat Rampage in 2019. He fights Tim Johnson (fightmatrix top 20 HW at the moment) this Saturday. Has on record said this is his 2nd to or last fight ever.


A fight between Cruz and Aldo in 2022…. Who woulda ever thought that could one day potentially happen


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I fear the possibility of Fedor getting smashed by this invisible guy. hope the others win by stoppage.

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Yeah Johnson is big, young and dangerous. Beat Kongo and KOed Mitrione and Fortune last year.

Gonna be a lot for Fedor to deal with, I just looked, oddsmakers have it a pick-em at the moment.

Don’t see odds up for the Aldo or Cruz fights yet. I don’t think Aldo will be the favorite but maybe a +150 dog, Cruz should open the favorite right around -200.

Man I get nervous watching Fedor fight anymore.

Aldo/Font of an exciting fucking fight.

Dom, what can I say? I know he’s efficient, and it works for him, but I’ve just never cared to watch him fight.

That is a good right to bet on. Fedor shouldn’t have much chance.

You either win money or get to see Fedor beat a legit dude!

I can’t bet against Fedor, I have a soul.

For what shall it profit a man…


I loved how Tim Johnson was pretty much like like “hey, don’t be mad at me, he had the entire roster to choose from and he chose to fight me”

I’m as big a Aldo/Fedor fan as there is but year, not that big a fan of Dom’s style. I do have a lot of respect for what he has done though and then battling back again and again from all those injuries in an attempt to continue competing at the highest level of the sport. So though not a big fan of him and his style, I’ll be rooting for Cruz out of respect for his perseverance.

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Munhoz is a bad matchup for Cruz.

I love Aldo but Font is on a roll right now.

Who knows what happens with Fedor.