Legends of OZ

this was a great movie for kids. I took mine this weekend and they loved it. they are going back this weekend with more of their friends.

I am posting this because the critics blasted movie but they were way off. Audience approval is 96% for movie.

take your kids to see this. It is good and you will also enjoy.

Martin Short as the Jester was great. Good movie

dammit, why won't this post to OG. sorry guys.


My oldest got obsessed with Wizard of Oz after showing it to him this winter. Trying to get to this movie this weekend.



the whole reason I even bother posting on this is because of what the critics have said. the big studios like Dreamworks and Pixar have critics in their pockets and have agendas.

this is a wholesome movie for kids and did I mention wholesome and represents the American Fairy Tale.

this is a good movie for little kids with a good message.