We gather like children at the foot of the storytellers, eager to hear tales of legendary feats of judo.

Please use this thread to tell stories about legenedary shit you have seen or heard of in judo, whether it's tales of toughness, endurance, skill, character, anything.

I myself have not witnessed much being involved in the art so peripherally and for such a short amount of time. I have read a bit about the crazy training schedules of some of the "judo bums" of the 50s and 60s, who went over there with nothing and lived on nothing and trained all the time. Ever read the story of how Don Draeger made Jon Bluming straighten out his broken toe?

Crazy Jon Bluming stories (posted here bfore I think):


These are great:


Later that same summer (1960) something happened that was not so funny. One day I fought a very young 1-dan, a big fat kid weighing about 130 kilo (286 pounds). When I tried to throw him with a left osotogari, big outer leg throw, my foot went faster than the rest of my body and hooked after his left leg. My toe went under my foot and the fat kid just sat on it like he had a comfortable small chair instead of my calf. The toe gave a sound like somebody broke a big dried stick and I nearly fainted from pain and despair.

For every foreigner studying budo in Japan, the biggest worry, besides money, was injuries, as these could put an end to his dreams or to the study altogether.

Especially knees, ankles, backs, and wrist injuries were feared, and before I even hopped out of the dojo the foot was already swollen twice its size and becoming dark-colored. I could scream with chagrin thinking about the weeks ahead of pain and not been able to train.

Next day Donn Draeger looked at the foot and said that he had a kind of old-fashioned horse medicine that would cure the toe a hell of a lot faster than what I had in mind. By then the colors were darkgreen with yellow and dark blue, and Karel Appel , the Dutch painter, would have loved it. Me, I just said like a movie Indian, "HOW?"

"Well," said Donn, "instead of behaving like a old lady we will now see if you are a man."

A bit annoyed I said, "Let's have it then."

We were downstairs at the Kodokan at the time, so Donn told me to go upstairs to the smaller dojo where there were fewer people around.

Bill tagged along, as did a bunch of Japanese. Then Donn said I must take my toe firmly between my fingers and swing it around until it loosened up. Then he said that I had to do that a couple times a day until I fell over from the pain. Then I could stop for awhile. He was grinning, so I think that was US Marine humor from the Iwo Jima days.

The Japanese university judoka were showing their sympathy with the toe by shaking their heads and hissing through their teeth. You could hear them thinking, what a terrible toe but it sure looks good on him. But they didn't understand what Donn was saying, for their English was still poor in those days. Bill translated for them and that aroused their interest.

I asked Donn if he was kidding me. To my horror he said, "No Jon, it works, but you will not have much fun doing it."

When I saw all those grinning faces I wanted to hit them, but instead I gripped my toe firmly and started to turn the damn thing as if my life depended on it. A red-hot flame shot from my toe through my whole body and a nauseating pain took over and I nearly passed out. Bill told me later that my face was nearly as blue as my toe and I know I almost wet my pants and didn't care who saw the tears running down my face. And a couple of the Japanese almost threw up as they heard the sickening crackle of the brittle bone coming loose. The rest just stared in amazement, as if at a horror show.

Then a strange thing happened. The pain went away and I honestly felt almost nothing anymore and thought, "Now I will make a real show for my Kenshusei brothers."

I stood up, shook my head, and asked the biggest Japanese in sight to attack. "Onegaishimasu," I said, then bowed and screamed "Tsugoi!" I hit him like a mad ape and boy, did I get whacked on my ass.

After that I decided maybe I needed a few more days of rest. I got their respect anyway that day and from then on they nicknamed me (behind my back) Oranda no Dobutsu, which means that animal from Holland.

It sure made my day.

Wow, sweet thread.

From Kimura's book "My Judo" on www.judoinfo.com. Who said you can't beat multiple attackers?:

I was standing at the end of a line of 60 or 70 people waiting for a train at the Mukae-Machi station (near Kumamoto city, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan), and was reading a paperback. Suddenly, 4 MP men passed through the line nearby me forcibly. When I turned my eyes to them, I found them shouting, "Jap, Jap" repeatedly. One of them grabbed the Japanese man at the front of the line by the collar, pulled the Japanese man toward him. He then made a ring with the pointing finger and the thumb, and struck the nose of the Japanese man with the flipped pointing finger with full force. The man covered his nose with his hands, and stooped down from the pain. The MP men did this to everyone on the line one by one including women. When someone did not stoop down, they delivered another strike. My turn was approaching. While I was wondering about what to do, my turn came. One of the MP men extended his arm trying to grab my lapel. I struck his hand with full force. Their facial expression changed suddenly. The four MP men surrounded me and took me to the middle of Nagaroku Bridge nearby the station. This was not an ordinary fight to me. I had to win this fight to defend the honor of judo. One of them suddenly threw a right straight at my face. I blocked the punch with my left arm, and kicked him in the groin with full force. He crumbled on the spot. When I turned back my head, another huge MP extended his arms and attacked me trying to grab me from behind. I then hit his right arm hard with knife hand, and then threw him into the river by Seoi-nage. The other two were watching this scene in amazement, but charged at me one by one. I delivered a head butt into the face of the third man. He was knocked out. I disposed of the last man by squeezing his balls with full force. Ever since I was in junior high, I have been called Master Groin Squeezer, and had absolute confidence in this technique.

I had asked all the audience to keep it quiet since I would be in a big trouble if the news got to MP supervisors. But somebody must have leaked the news. I started to regret what I did. But my concern turned out to be unnecessary. When I got to the MP head quarter, Capt. Shepard said, "Thank you for punishing the rogue MP's. They are the worst ones in our unit. They have sexually assaulted women, ate and drank without paying, threatened people with a pistol. We were about to be forced to punish them. They are all so depressed after you beat them up. I am truly thankful to you. I heard that you are the greatest judo master in Japan. I have a request to you. Could you teach us judo, once or twice a week. Of course, we will pay you. I myself am anxious to learn judo." It was a big surprise to me. After this, I taught judo to them once a week for 1 hour. Captain Shepard earned 1st degree black belt one year later.

"Ever since I was in junior high, I have been called Master Groin Squeezer, and had absolute confidence in this technique."

Now that's what I'm talking 'bout!

lol, funny stuff. Kimura's training regimen was unbelievable.

Really? How did he train?