"Legitimacy" of the UFC belt...

A lot of people complaining about certain match-ups "de-legitimizing" (if that is even a word) the UFC title.

If it were so cut and dry, couldn't us fans then just elect the champion based on who we feel deserves it?

Isn't the fight itself all the legitimization process one could ever need? If GSP, Jones, or Aldo lost, wouldn't that mean they don't deserve to be champion? A champion would need to duck all challengers, or a guy a like Hendricks literally be denied ANY chance to fight for the title, for the belt to somehow be stripped of its legitimacy. Phone Post

It's not that easy with MMA imo - say a fighter's going into a title fight as a challenger on like a 5-fight win streak or something. Injury happens, boom, you're out like six months to a year. Meanwhile other fighters are doing big things in your division and you're chilling on the sidelines.

Throw in things like superfights, last-minute injuries or crazy things happening like flu or something and it can become very difficult to stick to a clean, cut and dry divisional ranking system.

MMA's big time 'What have you done for me lately?', it's one of those nature of the sport-type things. It's not like the title's going anywhere.

Agreed OP.
All champions are ranked #1 in their weight class
Anyone who beats them would have a legitimate claim to be #1

Billy Joe Rottoncrotch - The only illegitimate belts are the UFC interim "belts."

Nine times out of ten they're a marketing ploy and nothing else.


And Chris^ I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I'm making the point that there can be no cut and dry means of determining who is "deserving". As long as you have guys fighting for the title then it is as legitimate as it can be. Phone Post

Mix6APlix - Champions asking for favorable fights might have something to do with it.

Considering GSP has dominated everyone who, one after another, was supposed to be "the guy", I think he has the right to ask for ONE fight, especially one that many fans want to see. He is the only guy that fits your description. Phone Post

Its funny. If gsp just let the fight with Hendricks happen, people would be saying hes ducking Diaz. Funny part is if he dud fight JH, Diaz would get fitched and be so far out of the title pitcher that he would retire for good.

For those who want ti see nick finally get his shot, you should really stop bitching that gsp is hand picking opponents. Phone Post