Leija vs Bojado

So this is gonna go down in January:

1. Too much too soon. I admire his balls for going this route but Leija has been boxing well at this stage of his career. He has decent skills but is one clever fighter....too clever for Bojado at this point imo.

1. Bad business decision. Bojado could one day become a cash cow and he's only had 15 fights. Leija is one tough bastard and is a huige risk at this point. Even if he beats Leija, he's gonna have a tough time taking fights with lesser opponents and there are plenty. Although Bojado has skills aplenty, we all thougt so with Dave Reid also, and look what happened to him when he ventured in with Trini at such an early stage. Not saying Leija is a trini, but if Bojado can only move up after this in opponent caliber, then he will meet his trini.

Hey, don;t get me wrong...I love this fight as a fan, but if i was Bojado's manager, i wouldn't be putting him in with Leija this early.

TYou also have to question the ethics of this. Both guys are Golden Boy fighters and it may be a case for what is best for Golden Boy insrtead of the fighters. For Bojado, this is nuts. If he wins people will say he just beat a shot featherweight and if he loses which is highly possible but not a sure thing he falls back again.

Molson said it right. Leija is too experienced at this time. Bojado has physical tools but he is far from polished.

Bojado is promoted by Main Events, and managed by Shelly Finkel. He is trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Rogie I thought he left Main Events a while back. maybe i was wrong. I read someone called this Bojado leija card nothing but Arum's boys fighting Oscar's boys. This is being advertised as Golden Boy Produictions right?

this is besides the point, but Mickey Ward really beat Leija, because the fight went to the cards on a cut that was supposedly caused by a headbutt, but it was really caused by a punch from Ward

IWAN, that Arum vs Golden Boy card has been talked about for sometime in the future but I am guessing that this is a Main Events date. They have Gatti in the main event and Bojado in with Leija on the undercard.

Bojado's manager's and promoters are going to do the same thing with bojado that happened to Vargas. as Molson said " too much too soon." I hope they let him develop at a steady pace, and allow him to mature as a person, professional,

I agree it's too much too soon. However, if Bojado somehow beats Leija, he'll leapfrog past Cotto, Taylor, and Juarez as the top prospect, IMO.

I think this could be an easy fight for Bojado. If he comes out blazing and can hurt or cut Leija, Jesse will be looking for an excuse to quit.

He's quit in his last two high profile fights, and I could see the much faster, stronger, heavier handed Bojado causing him to do it again.

Cotto has quietly stepped it up in the last year. He has wins over cesar Baazan, Justin Juuko and some solid guys recently. Last I heard they were talking Cotto Sosa who recently fought Floyd and who Floyd says will take over the division after he leaves. IMO Cotto has progressed the best so far of that group and to me looks like the best fighter of the group. If he beats Sosa he is not a prospect anymore. He ius bonafide. I also think he handles Bojado. Although Cooto is a Lightweight, he is actually bigger than Bojado. Many say Bojado should be fighting at 135 and Cotto has been about 140 in his alst few fights. My only concern about Cotto is his pace at times. Sometimes he coasts.