Leila Ali vs Lucile Rjiker

If there is any female boxing that I want to see, this would be it. I know Ali is bigger but if they can have them fight at a catch weight, i think it would be very competetive. I think Rjiker is the most talented female boxer out there.

I think Laila is a good 20 pounds heavier and a lot younger than Lucia. Lucia was supposed to fight on Saturday, but she is off the card.

Rjiker would kill Ali. I don't care about the weight difference. Rjiker can actually fight, Ali can't

Watch the Rijker documentary "Shadowboxers."

Her technique is so SLICK. Movement is crisp and tight, and structure never collapses. Really educational, watching her box. Then again, her coach is Freddie Roach, so I'm not surprised.

Rjiker definitely has the skill even with the size difference, I would take Rjiker over Ali. Ali has got skills as well but not quite as refined as Rjiker. This fight should happen at a catch weight.

The fight won't happen - Ali won't take it.

where can i get the documentary from?

you can get it just about anywhere. Media Play, amazon.com, ebay

cheers i'll look into it