Leko confirms Pride GP entry

Stefan Leko confirms he has a 6 match 2 year deal with Pride, and he will be participating in the Pride GP in a few months.

Also, if I'm reading it correctly, DSE is hoping to set up a boxing match with Lennox Lewis and CroCop ! (Don't think it'll ever happen though ...)

Sweet. And Boxing with Cro Cop vs Lewis??? Crazy

if mirko thinks he can box with lewis he is living in a dream world

Pride is really trying for some interesting matchups.

I'd love to Lewis box with crocrop, and I'd love to see angle as well.

Crocop vs lewis???....Bizarre!!!

If K-1 can't get Tyson to fight Sapp when he's
broke, I doubt that Pride can get Lewis to fight
Crocop when he's not hurting for money at all.

Lewis doesn't want to fight anymore. It's not like
he's Botha, where he can't get any big fights in
boxing anymore.

Angle is an amazing wrestler - I'd be very interested to see how his size impacts his strength, stamina, and technique. Does anyone know if he trains any form of striking?

ttt Interesting stuff these Pride people come up with.