Leko looked real nervous

once they got in that first exchange in which he was dropped and from there on out, Leko looked really nervous and jittery.

Personally, I think it was a work. I watched the punch that landed many times, in slow motion, etc...a punch did land, but it was pretty much a very short shot on the forehead...some punches look deceiving, so there is a possibility that it was a deceptive shot that legitimately dropped him, but I doubt it. Anyway punch grazes Leko's forehead, and it doesn't look like he's rocked or wobbled, he just goes straight down. Once it hit the mat he looked even more nervous and jittery.

If the fight WAS legit, then I think Leko came in scared. I've never seen him fight K-1, but I imagine he's been hit a couple times before, yet the way he reacted to the one short shot that Ogawa landed, it looked like he had never been hit in his life and just wanted to make sure it never happened again.

Then, to top it all off, he quicktaps, and they refuse to show any replays.

I hate it when guys do works, because from then on you have to question the validity of each and every one of their fights.