Leland Chapman dirty boxing/guard

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Fucken douche bag beating up an old man. Jesus, I wish I hadn't seen that.

Erases memory of video

Leaves thread

"Yeah, rough up an old man LAWFULLY telling you to get the fuck off his property."

lol. His trash whore of a girlfriend attacked first.

LOL........that guy had forearm on the face and was passing the guard before he was dragged off.

"He attacked me and had to defend myself"


"Use of force to eject someone from your property is legal, not an attack."

Not in the majority of states it isn't. Texas maybe.

I'd like to see this later...

LOL.. yeah right Leland handled that dude, I see Leland winning the scramble and getting on top if BJM didn't stand them back up. I do agree with them being pwned on the football field though..but who wouldn't in that situation?.


Pretty obvious that old man wanted none of what Leland was bringing.

"Wrong. Use of force to eject someone from your property is legal, not an attack. When they fight back, they are assaulting you."

Uhhhhhhhhhh, please shut the fuck up. You are wrong.

I just love the shells in Dog's hair and his wife's tits.

But they wore black military garb.

They must be official, and their Authoriti must be Respecktd.

Plus Dog pushes the guy to start the fight

Thats pretty much what I saw as well.


''Does anyone have the clip of when Dog and his crew were in SF and they go to a football practice to catch a guy?

Leland accuses and grabs a guy and the whole crew almost get their asses handed to them by the football team as they shit their pants and retreat.


I have not seen this, are there any vids of this event floating around if so LINK?

yup, a few more seconds and Leland would've had him in the Boston Crab son! Lion Tamer style!


Except Mexico apparently!

bounty hunter can go anywhere they want in pursuit of a escaped fugitive

They can also get an asskicking for stepping on someones property that doesn't back down from that posturing bullshit.