Lemon in Water

Often I put a little lemon in my water especially at times when I don't have a taste for water but want to drink it (like early in the morining). Is there anything bad about doing this / could it lead to any problems in the future?


Bludhall is correct.

Stay away.

LOL - Funny!

lmao,citrus fruits are trouble!

friend of my moms was assistant coach to the Australian Womens Netball team. She says the top netball players do this for the same reason, ie get sick of drinking lots of plain water all the time.

This thread is getting better. How about adding ice too?


What about putting the water in the fridge?

Always add the water to the refrigerator and never the refrigerator to the water...Don't you remember you basic chemistry???

The sad part is that some juvenile will see this thread and die by trying the lemon in the water routine...Impressionable minds...Sad...

I gave my cat lemon water and, well, it wasn't a pretty site!

you guys laugh like it's nothing.

i was hospitalized for several weeks after an
overdose of lemon & water.

it.....was not ....a...pretty sig........scuse me..it's....too
hard to talk about.......

I had a nut-case buddy who put two lemon slices in water right before bed. He woke up in a coma and the doctor said his blood/lemon level was at .25. (You die at .28).

He was lucky to live.

Fuck citrus, damnit

lol funny stuff!

waking up in a coma is almost as tricky as falling asleep during a nap... hate it when that happens.


One question.... How did your buddy wake up IN a coma?

pointpixie - more like staying awake while you are asleep...

It reminds me of that movie where that middle class girl who one day decided to try a little lemon and water at a party with some friends, ends up having to sell her ass to cover her habit...sad shit bro !!! Don't do it.

lol @ this thread

some of you guys should write for sitcoms

LOL @ gakami loling like he's not a lemon water

stfu arkangel, i'm went through 8 months at rehab. i haven't had lemon water for 6 years straight. i'm clean.