LEO Pros and Cons?

What should a guy looking into becoming an LEO know? What to expect? What are your likes/dislikes, pros and cons of the job? ETc.

PROS: fun job, excitement at times, get to learn and do things you only
thought happened on TV, good stories/memories, good pay (depending
on where you work), adrenaline rushes, a big department will allow you to
do many different jobs, make great friends that will do anything for you,
training can be a tax write off : )

CONS: bad hours, being tired, sometimes boring (hurry-up and wait),
paperwork, chain of command/red tape, dealing with some really dumb
people, internal affairs, not seeing your old friends due to opposite
schedules, changes your outlook on people : (

Yes a hard strain if marriedfather/mother. With the military it is the highest prof divorce rate. @nd highest suicide rate for prof too. It is very stressful and it is not for everyone. But like it was mentioned earlier, it is the ideal job for a single guy.

The best part is all the doughnuts we get to eat....oh, yeah!!! That, and giving tickets. The worst part would have to be the fact that my partner ALWAYS beats me to the maple dip.

 ^^^ I agree with all of the posts so far and would like to add that with a lot of LEO agencies once they are done with you they just kick you to the curb.  You may give up your family, friends and any kind of social life (or worse) and after all is said and done they will just move on without you.