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I just received this letter from Officer Torres, a graduate of my SPEAR SYSTEM ID course at SMith & Wesson.




Dear Tony,

Just a quick update.

The class I teach for LEO is growing in popularity and the brand new guys are excited when they start seeing how the SPEAR system works so well in real time. They also tell me that they are able to apply the
performance enhancement principles they pick up from class to other areas of LEO work and life.

A funny note, the last time I was attacked at work the suspect did a combination "bull rush" big right hand attack right after he arrived at a scene where I had handcuffed his brother.

Because of his emotional state he telegraphed majestically. I used a
tactical SPEAR, which connected center mass, I followed with 2 knees to the abdomen while I got an underhook then took the suspect down.

After handcuffing him and placing him in the police vehicle I had to assist other officers in dispersing a small crowd. When I sat in the car to transport the suspect I noticed a certain foul smell in the car.
When I inquired, the suspect responded "If you got hit that hard you would've shit your pants too!"

As funny as that is it doesn't end there. I had initially responded to the scene to assist an officer who had called for priority assist with a resisting suspect(my suspect's brother) that he could not
handcuff. I had used a quick chin lock to convince him to place his hands behind his back and he did so and the original officer transported him. Well somehow, on the way to booking, this subject also released
his bowels.

The running joke from the deputies and officers at the jail and my precinct that heard the story was that I hit one guy so hard I made him AND his brother s@#*t their pants. SPEAR system is powerful stuff :-)

The officer that I initially was there to assist and two others that heard the story from him are now in my class learning the SPEAR system.


T. Torres


Awesome stuff, 'T'. Stay safe!


Shit happens! Especially if you use a SPEAR, kind of a metaphoric 'dis'em'bowlement', if you know what I mean?!



Thats some funny shit!


Yes, It's T. TOrres from Vg.


Is that T Torres from VA Bch PD?

"Funny shit" indeed...