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Leo Vieira: ADCC champion analyzes Brazil Trials
Submitted by: Luca Atalla
Posted On 12/14/2004

With Rafael Werneck

During the ADCC Brazil Trials final phase, realized on December 5th, in Sao Paulo, a special spectator was in the audience cheering for his Brasa teammates but also observing possible opponents to the ADCC Main event, scheduled to May, in Long Beach, in California. Current –66kg Abu Dhabi Champion, Leonardo Vieira shared with us his impressions about the Brazil Trials.

`It was a high level competition. And some of the disputes were even more difficult than de ADCC itself. It can be explained by the fact that Brazil is
the biggest talent exporters of MMA world. During the trials, every single competitor had chance to win’ says Leozinho.

Leo Vieira’s pupil, Demian Maia, from Brasa, was the only fighter to qualify to ADCC 2005 that fought the Brazil Trials first phase, realized in Campos, one week earlier. His fight against the former BJJ world champion Fernando Margarida was selected by Leozinho as one of his favorites. I liked the bout between Demian and Margarida a lot and Roger’s Gracie performance impressed me as well. He is very well prepared and showed a big technique superiority compared to the others competitors

Expected to defend his ADCC belt, Leozinho had the chance to observe one future opponent: Wagney Fabiano, winner of the Brazil Trials –66kg category. He is a very technical fighter and he is very strong. I consider him a dangerous guy because he also knows how to fight using the ADCC rules , stated Vieira.

To be considered as “one of the favorites”, since he is the ADCC current champion, does not scare Vieira. I like this kind of pressure. Although I stay a long time away from the competitions, my mental force is very strong and I realize that is much more difficult to keep me on the top than drive me from there. I’ll be readyfor ADCC 2005 and I hardly can’t wait for it start , finishes Vieira. Leo Vieira: ADCC champion analyzes Brazil Trials

he better be competition ready if he wants to keep that title away from wagnney.......

Wagnney was unable to train properly in the critical 2 weeks leading up. Imagine what he could do if he peaked for ADCC.

Leo's a great and classy guy. I got to train and hang with him for about a week last year in Atlanta. It was so cool that he mentioned Wagnney in the interview. Should be a great tournament!

TTT for Leo Vieira!!