Leo Viera is coming to town...

with Santa for me at Christmas. I was just wondering if anyone has had the chance to view his Extreme Jiu jitsu DVD's. Was it a good choice in video's?

Any comments would be great. I know its not been shipped so l might be able to change it before its sent.

Thanks in advance.

anything leo is good.

Watching Leo fight makes me sad. He moves far to fast for anyone to keep up with him. He is the best bjj'r/submission grappler in the world IMO.

NOT LETTUCE is absolutely correct. Viera = Jordan of Bjj.

Leo Vieira has some of the coolest moves out there, and makes for exciting matches everytime out. I bought a seminar DVD of Leo Vieira and was not disappointed.

wtf with the edits making me sound like I'm on crack?

Santos and Viera are both great fighters but at sub wrestling you would have to consider Matt Serra just as good if not better although he has lost to Viera at the pro-ams he has beat JJ Machado and choked out Santos at Abu Dhabi

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Now that he's fighting at 145 he's a far more dominating fighter.

Have a merry X-mas ComputerWarrior.

ttt for leo vieira and master team


for Not Lettuce telling it like it is about Kashk


LOL at the drama!
ComputerWarrior, to answer the original question in regards to the extreme Jiu-jitsu DVD's by leo Viera. I have them! They are awesome!

You should also look into purchasing his seminar DVD's from alliancebjj.com! It's cool because the seminar DVD's have no overlap to the extreme jiu-jitsu DVD's!!!They also have footage of Leo sparring with myself, Jeff Josiln(Pan Am Champion) and another guy!!!Even though when he spars me it makes me look a little girl!

IF and WHEN Leo Viera DOES come to town, you should not hesitate to train with him as well! He has amazing principles and strategies that can improve your game alot! to give you an example, he showed a theory on passing the guard, which he uses alot, which makes you actually understand the passing game so much more!

The seminar DVD's have one gi and one no-gi!
Theyre good cause he shows alot of NEW stuff used by himself and others in the BJJ world!
Highly recommend them as well!

TTT for Leo Vieira.

The man, the myth, the legend

What can I say I am a hater.


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Liborio1 you lucky bastard for rolling with him. I am a lot larger then him and l understand l likely wont be able to do all his tech but l am sure l will be able to pick up some great stuff. If the chance araises l will attend a local seminar. I heard about possibly something this year, but what do l know. I am going to check out those other disc's you were talking about.

Thanks for the info guys.

no problems man! merry Xmas!