Leo Viera is coming to town...

hey liborio,
describe a little bit of leos passing strategy. when did you guys get to train with him? is your club an alliance affiliate? does leo go into passing or other strategies in either tape set or are they both technique sets?

i love the new jui-jitsu and leo is one of the pioneers!

who else have you trained with?



I believe he trains at Joslins which is Alliance

I train at joslins which is an alliance affiliate! We grade under Jacare who is in charge of both Master and Alliance so we are fortunate enough to train with both teams when they come around!

Last time I trained with Leo was August 2003! The passing details you pretty much have to be there to see it! Its pretty complicated to describe like this but there are alot of things more important in passing than just doing the pass:
-hip placement
-when and how
stuff like this must sound basic but like I said you have to be there!

He briefly goes over this in his extreme DVD's but not so in depth!
I really suggest getting a private with him when he comes around!It's nice too cause he doesn't even look at the clock during the private! Makes you frill the tecnique so you actually learn and understnd what's going on!

Lib how old are you?

Liborio1 is big on exclamation points.

thanks liborio, i will have to pick up those dvds. i live in vancouver and i don't think there is an alliance rep here, so i am not sure if he'll get out here. is there an alliance rep in seatle? how often does he come to north america for seminars? i could probably even head out to L.A. if i had enough notice.



All I know right now is Leo is in Sweden right now!
He's supposed to be going back to brazil than the U.S. very soon where he is supposed to be staying in Atlanta for a month or two!

check out masterjiujitsu.blogger.com.br or alliancebjj.com for updates on his whereabouts!

If you can catch him while he's in Atlanta, it's probably the best thing! The club is awesome with classes that will have tons of blue and purple belts with a handfull of brown belts! Nice crew, I try to go once a year to train!

cool, thanks again liborio1