Leon Snoozewards managed to make a Nate Diaz fight boring

I didn’t know that was possible, but he delivered.
Our favourite striker strikes again.

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i was entertained…If by boring you mean he didnt fall for the baiting antics, then sure. But nothing about that fight was boring. He mixed in sweeps, takedowns, hellbows, busted up Nate, even beat him up standing. He put on a hell of a performance, and I was rooting for Nate because i wanted that +380 payoff!


Dumb post is dumb

Leon dominated 95% of the fight against a dangerous opponent


Leon is good. I give him a shot against uzman next time around. He can keep it standing and snipe him from the outside

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The fight will look exactly like the first fight. Leon lacks the power to finish him and the defense to prevent the grappling.

Marty by UD 50-44.

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The fight wasn’t boring. But if it was boring to you, then it’s probably because Diaz didn’t throw that many strikes.

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Same as you. That was entertaining. Of course, the emotions all came from Diaz, but it was good performance by Leon. He remains somehow dry and bland but he wasn’t playing safe or boring at all. Without Diaz’ iron chin he would have had a finish

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I think Usman would knock him out this time. Leon does not have KO power. Usman 100 percent believes in his striking now and can eat a shot to give a harder shot.

Colby will beat Usman. Wonderboy would, also. That’s it right now. He can either wet blanket people or knock out people who dont respect that he will now eat your pitter patter to KO you.

I think he would have more finishes if people weren’t tasting his power and getting defensive. Nate probably gets finished if he’s as active as most of his other fights.

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Also, Nate got bent over and had to put his hand on the mat to keep from kissing it by one of those “pitter patter” shots from Leon.

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Saved by the bell.