Leonardo Caught Doing Coke?

Anybody else see that sh!t?


I thought that looked kind of Kate Moss like.

I think he was taking NOX-CG3

i did a bunch of coke the other night for the first time in years

swear to god ive gotten a bigger buzz from a rockstar energy drink... glad i was just mooching it

Can we get a gif???

Coke is practically legal in Vegas

Its not?

wow....what a fucking loser.

Thats cause they were feeding you baking soda Jack.... U GOT PUNKD... they wanted to see if you would fake it

i did sweat a lot too... good times

TTT for the Leo coke gif!

That's funny man I thought the same thing. I can't imagine him being stupid enough to do it openly at a MMA event though. I am thinking his boys were just alerting him to the camera on him.


I assumed he was just talking with his friends, but hey....


Baby Powder goes on the sack........

whos leonardo?

where was master splinter

UrCokeOnMySack= my new handle

Titanic kkm, imo

Howard Hughes KKM

probably a cig, but would they allow smoking in the building??