Leslie Smith vs Cyborg

Is this a win/win for Smith? Can she pull off an upset or raise her stock with a good enough performance?
Anybody giving her a chance and are you going to put money on her just incase Phone Post 3.0

Cyborg is challenging herself! Mad respect.

This is not a good match-up for Smith... she's great at volume striking and grappling, but she isn't known for her power or wrestling. She's not gonna be able to easily get Cyborg to the ground, and she's not gonna be able to stand and trade with her without risking being caught with a heymaker. And even if she does get it to the ground, Cyborg has been known to simply power out of submissions that would catch smaller fighters (see Hitomi Akano with the sweet flying armbar, that Cyborg countered with a one-armed powerbomb).

Also, Cyborg showed that her cardio is not a weakness in the second Coenen fight.

Smith's best path to victory is similar to how she beat Jessamyn Duke: Cyborg breaks a bone, and Smith takes advantage with a 10-hit Tekken combo.

I'm glad Cyborg is getting an opportunity to fight in the UFC, and mad respect for Leslie Smith for taking it. But I have to give Cyborg heavy odds here.