Lesnar At Football Game Oct 18th

hen house

beerbelly -  Has anyone thought that it's possibly Mono?  That would do him in pretty quick and for a long period of time.

I had mono and the shit lasts for WEEKS and it's not described as only feeling tired. I had a fever for three weeks of 102+, throat hurt like a bitch, took too much tylenol/ibuprofen for the fever and fucked my liver for a while, wound up in the hospital with IVs.

BruceLeeMMAfighting - 
liquidrob - yeah, when I have respiratory issues first thing I usually do is go to packed football stadium and blow into a big ass horn, sounds about right

he could have given the entire crowd the swine flu with that horn

That's probably where he got the Swine Flu. Who knows how many people have been blowing that horn.

I know it sounds funny, but that's totally possible.

Anybody think he just wants to get on a bigger PPV that's going to make more money...like the Jan 2 card...

FranklinFailedMe - 
Boldar -  LOL at the idiots on this thread assuming that, just because he didn't appear to be sick 1 day, 8 days ago), that he's automatically lying.  Because every illness lasts a specific amount of time that automatically coincides with public appearances so that a person will always be sick during them.  It's not possible that he could have been sick well before and/or after that day.

Some of us read the article and HIS words on how long he's been sick. On top of that we used our superpowers of reading comprehension....a superpower you apparently lack.


i dont think he lying...the fact of the matter is why would u expose yourself and others in that magnitudeof a capacity of germs n virus going around ,,,when u are not 100 yourself.

then to top it of he putting his cock lovin lipson an even bigger "cock" appearing structure than his peenie tat is...and LITERALLY "blows" it. god forbid someone else already "blew "it and others may want to "blow" it afterwards.

prolly got something from his skank wife