Lesnar vs. Mir rubber match planned?

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                                Lesnar vs. Mir rubber match planned?

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UFC officials, as well as those close to Lesnar, indicated that Frank Mir, with whom Lesnar has split two fights, is his next likely opponent. The fight makes sense. Mir is coming off a knockout win over Mirko Filipovic on Sept. 25, and he has been Lesnar’s biggest career rival, with insults between the two going back and forth dating back nearly three years.

Lesnar vs. Mir III is almost guaranteed to be a huge fight, given that Mir is an expert of hyping a fight, but also, legitimately, Mir doesn’t like Lesnar, feeling Lesnar disrespected him after beating him at UFC 100. The match would likely be as big or bigger than any championship match that UFC could promote right now.

Their first match was a huge success on pay-per-view. Their second, which Lesnar won via second round TKO, was at the time the biggest match in mixed martial arts history, going by public interest.

The winner of that fight would be right back in championship contention.

In related news. new UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez expected back in the gym soon to begin preparation for Junior Dos Santos. AKA head trainer Javier Mendez said that he’d give Velasquez one or two weeks off to celebrate his win, but he wanted him back in the gym because Dos Santos is a completely different fighter and poses different problems.

Among the fighters under UFC contract, the other two key contenders right now would be Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, who meet on Jan. 1 in Las Vegas.

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no thx

Noooo! Leave this for later on down the road. Phone Post

Agreed. Brock will pull in numbers regardless of who he fights. Having another fight with Mir would likely yield the same results as last time. However, it would do nothing for Brock in terms of experience. He needs to get in there with Nog, Nelson, or someone new.

There's too many fun matchups now that Brock isn't champ and doesn't need to exclusively fight people that have walked their way up the ladder to see him fight someone he imposed his will in 1 1/2 times so far Phone Post

Very lame

I like the thought of this matchup and wouldn't be turned off by it being so soon. I think Mir will have a much better showing the next fight, and it would be a good test to see how Brock comes off after losing his title.


 Mir should just go berserk and throw bombs to try and KO him. He's not gonna sub him again.

No thanks. Lesnar vs anyone he hasn't faced already please. Phone Post

mir still can't wrestle for shit, lesnar would have his way with mir again.

Pull Lead - Can we spare Nogueira please? He's done. Just put him against grapplers so he doesn't get beat down even more than he already is.

I wasn't aware wrestling was a striking art.

Lesnar vs. Big Nog is actually an interesting fight because both guys are coming off losses to Cain, and they are both former champions.

As for "sparing" Nog, Lesnar does have some heavy ground and pound, but he doesn't really posses one-shot KO power. I can't see Nog doing much worse than Mir did in the second fight with Brock.

No need at this point.

Not as a main event .Otherwise,yes

Its a shame. 6 years ago I would have enjoyed watching how Nog would have tapped out Brock... but the guy is a shell of his former self... Dont want to see it, I like Nog too much

Brock vs McCorkle

Co-promote a fight w/ Fedor. 

Zero interest.

personally, id like to see nelson vs lesnar.

 I don't give a shit who Brock fights next. He had no intention of beating Cain. His money's in the bank from last night, and now he'll make a shitload of money with the WWE if his hype with "The Undertaker" continues and they headline Wrestlemania. Genius, Brock. Pure genius.