lesnar's back tattoo?

Can someone post a pic of Brock Lesnar's backpiece?I don't watch prowrestling but a friend of mine keeps telling me about this and I want to check it out.Thanks

It looks demonic.

the pic on the shirt looks much better,.. on him, it looks more like some kind of weird Dr. Seuss character..

I'm a tattooist and you don't even know how many people want that thing now, it's going to be like the Goldberg Tribal when he first got big..

I got mine this weekend but my back to small so it has to wrap around to my chest.

He added some more to it recently too. Two skulls 1 by each shoulder blade or something.

its actually two hands, one on each side, holding big hooks that are stuck into his skin...wonder if Vince had to approve that one!

Any pics of the new ones?

hes the devil!

Lesnar's shorts looked like they were 'painted' on in the 2nd pic, then I realized that it was from a videogame, lol.