Lesner leaves MFS for Gracie camp?

Not a smart move IMO...while Lesnar does have to learn submissions and BJJ to compete in MMA, his body and style is built more for g'n'p and MFS is perfect for him....

Maybe he is just getting a feel for the other camps.

Maybe he feels that he needs to put major emphasis on subs ( or maybe more importantly sub defense). Dunno


it would make some sense to me if he wanted to go Jits for Jits against guys like PeDePano, Monson or Mir. But it would take a LOOOOONG time for him to get that good. Plus doesn't MFS have a jits program?

"I'm sure Royce can teach him some things."

Yes, like how wrestling is completely useless for example

methinx that gracie and lesner was more of a photo op, imho

Team Quest would probably be a good place for him to train.

Maybe MFS suggested he go train with the Gracies?

Wouldn't BTT be a better place to go for mma jiu jitsu?

Doesn't training with Royce mean you get Royler and the rest of the gang as well?...

If I wanted to quickly get an understanding of Jiu Jitsu and I had a big enough budget...That would be the place I would go...Just makes sense...

Worked with Miletich, Working with Gracie's, He has already completed some work with Professional Boxers and stuff, I seem to remember a rumor that he did some sparring with Bas a while back...Sounds like he is taking this pretty seriously and doing his homework....

Nice to have the money to train with the best when you need to.

People train at different camps all the time. Hell Pedro Saeur even went to MFS to check them out. All it means is he is looking to learn from different people.

Lesnar has good money backing him yet he needs to become more legit in the mma arena in order to be taken serious and he he putting his money right away at the top of the food chain with these names.

Royce = more legit Lesnar
MFS = more legit Lesnar

Lesnar = money for Royce and MFS or any place else he shows up to train.

Miletich is a great camp for sure. DLfromCanada has a point.

Maybe it's just because it's going to be in K-1 and they asked Gracie to find someone. Then he'll go back to Miletich?

Royce is K1's poster boy for MMA in the US.

In wrestling terms he's giving Brock the rub.

I am sure Lesnar will train with all the people he can.

It's just a marketing move. Gracie is one of K-1 HERO's big names, so they are introduced together.

It doesnt mean he's training full time with Gracie or that he's left Miletich's tutelage necessarily.

This type of marketing happens all the time.

LMAO @ uncle justice

Maybe is cause he is looking where the $ is

Maybe it's just a fucking waste of time talking about him until he actually competes?

Maybe the UFC is offering Lesner a contract after he is through with K1 and Lesner realized that MFS guy are not allowed to fight eachother.  Lesner wants a title shot and won't get it unless he leaves MFS.

Side note is Monte Lesner's manager for fights?