Less title defenses=Better Sport

The UFC doesn't build up their divisions. As champion Matt Hughes only fought one guy with more than one straight win in the UFC ( Sherk with 2 ). My suggestion is that Champions only fight once a year, and contenders fight at least 3 times before getting a title shot.


IMO that wouldn't work....champs would be leaving to fight for more loot in Japan....plus most of the time it's the title fights or grudge matches that sell ppv's.

I agree that fighters need more of a build up than they get. The new guys dont really get a chance to become stars or even known to the average fan. "we" the obsest UG nerds know who Sakur, Trigg , Hallman , Horn , Murray , are and what they have done to get into the UFC.

You could give title shots to guys who have already fought, and only let one new guy get a shot a year.
EG. Penn could fight Carlos Newton, Gil Castillo, Sean Sherk


1) The pay isn't nearly good enough for most fighters to want to fight only once a year.

2) I'd be pissed only seeing the top guys once a year, when a fight can easily end in a couple minutes if not faster.

Nogueira fought 9 times in two years against guys like Sapp, Schilt, Coleman, Goodridge, and Fedor -- that's obviously a bit extreme, but I'd like to see champs fight four times a year, three minimum.

Under mty plan champs could giht 2-3 times a year. !-2 times against an established guy, and once against a new contender with at least three straight wins in the big leagues.