Let Diego fight Hughes!!!!

If St. Pierre is officially out of this fight, it only makes sense for Diego Sanchez to get his title shot.

Before this thread gets saturated with troll comments, please realize that this would be the only logical replacement for St. Pierre right now. Everyone wants to see BJ fight Hughes again, but he's coming off a loss. Diego just had the fight of his life and beat a top contender, one who was supposed to have already had his title shot. Diego deserves a shot.

"Hughes does everything Sanchez does better"

Matt Hughes has a better juijitsu game than Diego Sanchez?

"Diego has not subb'd anyone lately has he? "

No, he's just beat the shit out people.

I would like to see it.

Hughes should be the one to give Diego his first loss.

"i would be happy with sanchez or bj "

Please move to Tapout.

"Kos or Penn have decent shots at taking out Hughes, but not Diego, yet."

So, a guy that Diego put in the hospital has a shot, but Diego himself would be humiliated? ok

"Kos.... decent shots at taking out Hughes, but not Diego, yet."

I am starting to believe that if Diego's name was Christian Riley or something he would have your respect. But hey, he is sorry but he IS Mexican... :(

Jon Fitch


YOU TALKIN TA ME???!??!?!?!?!?!

diego is gonna give anyone probs i think. he moves alot and is hard to keep in 1 place

I think Diego is great to watch. That being said, he would get Mauled by Hughes. There is Nothing in his game that he does as well as Matt.

diego vs. bj