Let GF travel without me??

Need some advice. Started hooking up with this really smokin Asian chick in early January... things are goin great... won't let me smash.... but gives amazing head... better than any girl I've had...

But then things got weird for a couple weeks... she was constantly getting/receiving FB messages from some dweeb... he wears cargo shorts, is some sort of ANTIFA leader, and spams flat-earth stuff. She told me he is just an old friend, but I didn't believe her. She always ends every fight by giving me a killer BJ.

The worst part... just as I am thinking about getting serious with her, she hits me with... she has to go home and visit her family in Thailand. She said she needed "a break", and feels that she will be refreshed, and like a whole new woman when she returns. After she fell asleep, I checked her phone... I found an exchange with the ANTIFA dweeb about plane tix, hotels, and shit... I was crushed. The way the guy was writing... a real smooth talker... he was offering her the world. He even mentioned something about paying for an expensive surgery? I can't compete with this.

Should I confront her? Or just enjoy the killer BJs while I can?

Anyway, I know the rules around here... so, pic:

It's prob nothing to worry about. 

that's a mighty camel toe



by the looks of it she's excited to go

The pic pushes this to a SOLID 8 for me. 



I wouldn't worry About it OP.  He sounds like the type of cuck who is probably posting on some gay forum about how she's different & doesn't care your jiz is in her because she's special.  The type of guy who will hold her purse while she's giving bj's to dirty homeless Thai dudes.




Would have been a lower-rated spin, but the trouser snake added a very nice element to the narrative...

Kirik -


I will agree with Kirik.


8/10 OP


mainly for the pic

Good good. This pleases me.

I knew you posted here. NED was right

Lol. No sex. Just bj's. Going to THAILAND!!

You realize your honey is a guy right?

Got me .. thought this was just another shitty spin until I saw the cock on your Tai-girfriend. Let her bang Bro  !


You had me at cargo shorts.

You lost me at Antifa guy with money.

You got me back with the finale.  Well done.