Let me tell you about Apache and Comanche Torture

First off, hello friends!

Second off, my dads family is Apache.

One thing they teach white kids is that the poor Indians had their land stolen and they were just a bunch of sad Indians that got ripped off. Let me tell you that as a part Apache, that is complete horse shit.

You want to know how Jinxys family was started? 150 years ago a Mescalero Apache saw a pretty spanish girl and stole her. Yeah just up and raided a camp and killed her parents and took her. 159 years later I was born.

Now for the torture... Phone Post 3.0

Here are some fun things my ancestors did.

Let's see, we would kill every man in the village. Sometimes cut his wiener off and sew his mouth shut. In front of his kids.

The we might impale his wife on a saber and take off with their kids as slaves.

Oh the Comanches were much worse than the Apache. They loved their gang rape, even on grandma, little kids, didn't matter. Phone Post 3.0

There was one story of Comanche who cut out a pregnant ladies fetus and nailed it to a tree. They also loved burning people to death. Kids included.

Sometimes Apache would hang a man by one leg off a cliff using a rope. And they would just let him hang there baking in the texas sun until he died. Usually not for many days. Phone Post 3.0

Comanche women were the worst. They were often left to come up with diabolical torture for captives. Sometimes they would tie a man up and chew his fingers until they broke. Then they would chew his dick slowly until it was mush. All in front of his family.

Then they would rape his wife and daughters in front of him and burn them all one by one. Very slowly by tying them to a pole. And then lighting the fire on the perimeter so the person just baked for days. Phone Post 3.0

That was all a long time ago, glad you are back! Phone Post 3.0

Oh yeah Comanches loved to play Catch The Baby except nobody would catch the baby.

There is no telling how many babies they chucked up in the air, chucked off cliffs, chucked into fires or spit roasted. Mothers shrieks gave Comanches hard ons. The more screaming the better. Phone Post 3.0

Jinx Phone Post 3.0

Sounds civilized Phone Post 3.0

My dad's two older brothers were half Apache. Crazy fuckers as old men. They were in Vietnam and used to send my dad Polaroids in the mail when he was a kid of them holding up severed Viet Kong heads. Phone Post 3.0

Back when life was cheap...

Comanches were unbelievable bad asses Phone Post 3.0

jacktripper - Comanches were unbelievable bad asses Phone Post 3.0

so.....you don't believe them?

Pic of op

http://images.rapgenius.com/34f4f81b85c8de3d973db3c157d9ba93.1000x756x1.jpg Phone Post 3.0

I'm proud to be 1/64th Apache Phone Post 3.0

Yeah and? They're still raping people at their casinos. Phone Post 3.0

Apaches and Comanches were the two most underrated Indian tribes. Both of these tribes took over 200 of constant warfare to be conquered Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

‘Benjamin Parker went outside the gate to parley with the Comanche,’ he says. ‘The people inside the fort saw the riders suddenly surround him and drive their lances into him. Then with loud whoops, mounted warriors dashed for the gate. Silas Parker was cut down before he could bar their entry; horsemen poured inside the walls.’

Survivors described the slaughter: ‘The two Frosts, father and son, died in front of the women; Elder John Parker, his wife ‘Granny’ and others tried to flee. The warriors scattered and rode them down.

‘John Parker was pinned to the ground, he was scalped and his genitals ripped off. Then he was killed. Granny Parker was stripped and fixed to the earth with a lance driven through her flesh. Several warriors raped her while she screamed.

‘Silas Parker’s wife Lucy fled through the gate with her four small children. But the Comanche overtook them near the river. They threw her and the four children over their horses to take them as captives.’ Phone Post 3.0

Mexicans called the Comanche "Indios barbaros" for a reason. They were not nice.

The Comanche roasted captive American and Mexican soldiers to death over open fires. Others were castrated and scalped while alive. The most agonising Comanche tortures included burying captives up to the chin and cutting off their eyelids so their eyes were seared by the burning sun before they starved to death.

Contemporary accounts also describe them staking out male captives spread-eagled and naked over a red-ant bed. Sometimes this was done after excising the victim’s private parts, putting them in his mouth and then sewing his lips together.

One band sewed up captives in untanned leather and left them out in the sun. The green rawhide would slowly shrink and squeeze the prisoner to death.

T R Fehrenbach quotes a Spanish account that has Comanche torturing Tonkawa Indian captives by burning their hands and feet until the nerves in them were destroyed, then amputating these extremities and starting the fire treatment again on the fresh wounds. Scalped alive, the Tonkawas had their tongues torn out to stop the screaming. Phone Post 3.0