Let’s admit it: The Gi had gotten ridiculous

I think everyone drew the line at spider guard and spider lasso. It used to be considered “dirty jiu jitsu” but it was generally accepted because it still held a level of realistic integrity.

Then you had Keenan come out and show this worm guard and reverse de-la worm guard and ever since then I’m having people go threw the process of literally untying my Gi from my belt wrapping the bottom part of my Gi around my leg and their leg entangling us both. It’s just gotten absolutely ridiculous. The only time that’s ever relevant is if I’m wearing a long 1940’s jacket that drapes down to my hips thats unbuttoned.

I’m the type of guy who enjoys all parts of BJJ. I’m okay with getting bermboloed because it works and is smooth and efficient and could happen in a self defence situation. But getting wrapped up like this just feels so fucking stupid. If you’re allowed to undo my Gi to wrap yourself and myself up in it - I should be allowed to just take the fucking thing off while I’m in this stupid guard!



Agree. It’s gotten out of hand. I still love the gi but I’ve been doing more nogi than ever.

Agreed. But it’s been ridiculous for a while now.

BJJ is no longer about self-defense…it’s all about sport BJJ and team points.

And for years, BJJ laughed at TKD and karate…


NoGi is where it’s at.


I get bored with no Gi rather quickly. I’ve been doing this for well over twenty years, training with many wrestlers along the way and so I transition easily between having grips the Gi offers and not having grips. Much of what I do is not very Gi contingent anyways.

I have somewhat held a belief that some males have a hard time humbling themselves and wearing a white belt for a good 2-3 years at least. With no Gi, there’s ironically more overall “uniformity” in the appearance of the group because everyone can blend in (the BB level to the newest). I’ve rolled with visitors with a few years experience tell me they do better without the Gi. I offer to do a round or two without the Gi and the results are the same.

The body heat index and overall misery of the Gi is an acquired taste, I’m thinking.

It’s gotten silly.

The longer any martial sport is around the more “self-reflexive” it becomes.

No gi is a little silly too in that you can’t grab anything. Neither extreme reflects reality.

I like “Half GI” (nogi where you wear & can grab pants).


…My old screen name is back for some reason, anyway…yes,… like i said , it would be cool to have a T-Shirt made of Gi-top cotton and shorts made of whatever Gi bottom weave, then grab away at what you can.

Why dont you guys just roll in pants and an old shirt if you want self defense.


You realize the point of BJJ right?!?

so wrestling isn’t ridiculous?
My daughter just pulled the front of her tank top down and said “dad look at me. I’m a wrestler”

We can fight about this in the fall when I’m not wearing shorts, but before winter when I’ll be wearing a jacket. I’m warning you right now… don’t wear a hood.

I’m not sure why people look at things mutually exlusively… I think we need all competition rule sets and all forms of gi/no-gi

I never actually play any of that lapel/worm guard stuff, but I can see having to pass or deal with it.

If I ever see a street fight where someone is using “worm guard” or “octopus guard”…I’m immediately jumping in and stomping him out. There’s Principles to this!!!


lol enlighten me

I won’t waste my time as you either don’t train or very new to training.

We need fully clothed jiujitsu.

It’s just gotten MORE ridiculous, IMO.

It’s moving SO FAR away from anything having to do with “fighting” another human being, I just lose interest. How much time and effort do I want to put into learning a strategy or technique that cannot be used in a fight? For me, the answer is not very much.

I don’t recall people who started when I started that weren’t interested in BJJ as a fighting art.

Now, if you start talking about punches, the class would be like: “WTF are you talking about, you can’t punch in a tournament? Why are we learning this??? This isn’t an MMA class.”

It’s very different. The sport side has overwhelmed the art as a whole --and very quickly too.

If that’s what most people want --and this IS what most BJJ people want-- fine. It’s just not what I am into.



Read shen last post for your answer.

yeah I here you…
I’m mostly busting your chops… I thought I could out-shen the shen himself.

I don’t train with striking anymore, but everything in my game can be done in gi and nogi. I like to have the philosophy of fighting for the top. Passing with pressure. Focusing on staying in dominant positions when going for submissions (even guillotines). Work takedowns. I don’t do any competition gaming strategy stuff other than mentally handling the environment.

I think that those principals go a long way to ensuring that you can capably handle yourself in a fight.


Are you saying Mikey Musumeci wouldn’t win UFC 1?

When people do dumbshit like that just start using prison BJJ on them.