Let´s pray for the victims at Asia

Yesterday I didn´t watch tv neither turned on the computer.

But today morning I heard about the big earthquake that shakened Sumatra and caused several aftershocks and tsunamis, killing over 23,000 people at several countries.

Let´s pray for those people that are living a painful time in their lives, let´s send them hope for a better future with our prayers, courage and faith that they are going to have strength enough to face the losses and to rebuild their lives.

God bless them all.

I think it's a clear sign there was a major disaster and that's about it.

RisingSun, that was harsh. What religion were they? Since it hit so many countries, many religions were affected, from muslim to hindu to buddhist to christian.

Well my post wasn't posted.

There is over 23,000 people dead. The earthquake was 8.9, and the tsunamis were over thirty feet high. Countries affected were, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and others. Please pray, and not only pray send some of your hard earned cash to agencies providing aid.

There are many Christians in those countries as well as Hindu's Muslims, Buddhists and others. I guess God just wipes em out with reckless abandon. I wonder what faith Florida is predominantly, they got smashed this year too. This blaming bullshit really makes me sick. God slapping his children around to show how much he loves them. Bullshit

the rev

Instead of wasting time praying, why not do whatever you can to support relief efforts when they arise.

do both, and don't be an offensive jerk in the process

the rev


I sponsor a 2 year old child in Sri Lanka through World Vision.  I hope he is still alive.  I am posting his picture and name so you can put a name and face to the child that I care about.  I want his face to be burned into your memory bank so that you see him every time you pray.


Kisothan Pushparasa


I know I am not alone in what I am about to say.  What you said is extremely offensive to those who have loved ones in the parts of the world where the tsunami hit.  You probably don't care because you have the truth but someone needed to say this.

Your post really pisses me off, and makes me sick.  But I still love you cause God does, and love is the answer to the worlds problems.

Prayers and money will be given.

I had tears in my eyes watching the news this weekend.
Seeing so many parents wailing over lost children, and children in shock over loosing their families...it's just too much.

I also had a brother-in-law vacationing there who I worried about. (Actually, I'm still worried because I haven't heard if he's ok). Not being religious I didn't pray for him or for others in the region. I'm donating some money to a fund set up in my city for the relief of those folks. "Two hands working..." and all that.

Sorry, but seeing the pain of all those people over this weekend...it would royally piss me off if I believed in a deity who did this kind of thing. Or who was watching but did nothing. And it sure wouldn't make sense to ask Him to pay attention to all the shell-shocked survivors and suffering masses after the fact. If He cared about such petitions on behalf of the suffering - if He actually cared that people not suffer - clearly He would not be allowing over 27,000 people (1/3 children) to die like this. Let alone the staggering physical and emotional suffering that will continue throughout the lives of many of those who survived.

Honestly: when you look at how the world works does it not precisely mirror a world in which a caring Deity is not at the wheel? A world in which disaster is dolled out with blind, pitiless indifference? (Or was drowning all those folks on Christmas a "statement" of some sort?).

(An upset) Prof.

I have to admit my faith took a major blow last night, and much of what prof said makes sense.  I was speechless watching the news while my wife was crying.

My prayers are with them and money sent already.

I can understand your reaction Prof.

I also was horrified by what I saw. I can't believe it still, its almost unimaginable. Still, this really hasn't had a major effect on my faith. Im not sure what purpose may have been filled by causing this to happen, but as sure as I type this the hand of God is involved with everything, and he was not outside this. Suffering and death are not meaningless, they are fundamental experiences which mankind must have if we are to move forward. My heart goes out to these people, and I pray that God will provide them comfort, and allow them to learn and us to learn as mankind what this event what supposed to teach us, and hopefully it will bring us closer together.


If you have kids, you know that sometimes you need to make them cry to learn a lesson, and who is on comand.

Every suffering has a higher purpose, that we may not forsee in the present, but that time will bring the right approach so we finally understand it.


---"If you have kids, you know that sometimes you need to make them cry to learn a lesson,...

What lesson do 27,000 people "learn" by drowning?
And what "lesson" do many more people - survivors and relatives - learn by having their lives torn apart?
Many people will be grieving their loss until they die. Is the lesson "Ok, so you're family is gone...don't worry, be happy." ??? What positive message should anyone take from this? I'm all ears.
And if these disasters leave people shaken and mystified as to why such misfortune has befallen them...and there is no good answer...how is this a "lesson" when you don't know what the hell to "learn?"

And, btw, I don't teach my children lessons by killing them.

----"...and who is on comand."

So, this is just a show of power to remind us who is in charge?

---"Every suffering has a higher purpose, that we may not foresee in the present, but that time will bring the right approach so we finally understand it.

When would this be? How is that anything other than hoping, wishing it to be true?



Please understand that my perspective range is about eternal life, reincarnation and evolution.

You don´t know if many of them could have been pirates in the previous centuries. The cause of death may well be a direct reaction to what they´ve done before, and now they learn how painful it is to die by drowning, to lose beloved ones and so on. This is a single example, and of course the complexity of each life, and the web of actions and reactions, the links between people, are factors out of my actual knowledge.

I guess you think of death as the end.

I don´t. It is only a new chapter in life.

Of course I cried when I read the news. But after absorbing the shock, I am at peace again.

Life goes on.

Apology accepted.


I understand, these events are very hard for me to deal with intelectually and emotionally. My faith is tested, but maybe not in the way you would expect. My family and I are going to set about raising money, and perhaps aid workers to go and help in the region.

the rev

"Rev. I have never seen or heard of a rev that speeks like you."

maybe you need to widen your horizons. You should listen more to him imo and post less shit on OG.

Funny, the person you consider God, and say you follow was loved by the sinners and hated by the church people. Funny how people worry about me saying a cuss word, yet don't seem to follow the bible when it says, " if a brother sins go to him in secret, and if he refuses to repent, then take some one with you..." Jesus said that, where did he say don't say shit? Jesus was considered by the religious people a friend of sinners, a drunkard and a glutton. I guess he wasn't much like any pastor you have ever met either.

I have actually studied theology, and the Greek passages and have found that words are just words, each culture redefines and reinvents words. They travel back and forth from the naughty and nice list, and aren't either.

the rev

---Donna wrote: "Please understand that my perspective range is about eternal life, reincarnation and evolution.

Fair enough.

---"You don´t know if many of them could have been pirates in the previous centuries. The cause of death may well be a direct reaction to what they´ve done before,..

So, basically, your world view rationalizes their death by saying "they deserved it. I don't know how, but no matter how innocent that little baby may seemed to have been who drowned he was likely a nasty bugger in a previous life."

Forgive me if I don't see much compassion in this point of view.



I appreciate your point of view and that you don't offer knee-jerk answers to these subjects.


Well here is some pooding for you sweetheart

I have walked with Jesus for 20 years, I have read the bible cover to cover many times, I have started or helped start 9 churches, I have lead many people to faith, I have stayed up nights taking care of mentally ill people, I have confronted abusive parents, I have lived below the poverty line for most of my life because I worked for God rather than money, I have had murderers, drug dealers, drug users, and rapists sleep in my home with my family that I might show them the love of Christ, (and yes people i protected my wife and kids the whole time), I left everything I knew, and most of what I owned to come to a different country and teach young men and women to be missionaries in their own countries. I am respected by most of the members of this board because for many years now I have faithfully shared my heart and my faith with them.

the rev