Let’s See Some Garden Pics

How’s everyone’s gardens coming along? I admit that I’m running behind this year & have only planted potatoes so far this spring. I just got the potatoes hilled for the second time this morning. We’ve been so busy with work & baseball.

Gardening is my simplest pleasure in this life. I enjoy going out early in the am when my family is still asleep & tending to it.

1st pic below is the potatoes after hilling this am. The rest of the pics are from last year.

Please share your pics to inspire and motivate others!

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3 more weeks until the last frost day. I have the seedlings going though.

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What all do you plant?

I’m in zone 8/9 & the old timers have an adage that you plant potatoes by President’s Day. I’d usually have corn & nightshade planted by this time of year but hope to catch up soon.