Let's all have a big CONCACAF laugh @ Costa Rica


They were up in the last game of our regions World Cup qualifiers against the USA. 2-1 at the US, where they haven't won a qualifier since 1985. US had already clinched a spot and was already playing like it.

So Costa Rica does as they do and tries some "gamesmanship" to kill the clock. All their coaches except to strength and conditioning coach gets thrown out for the tomfoolery, and in the stoppage added the US scores to make it 2-2.

Because of that Honduras steals their spot in the Cup, and now Costa Rica have to play Ecuador for a chance at qualifying.

That was some funny shit.

LOL...I still don't understand what the coaches thought they were gaining by putting on that display... It backfired, that's for sure.

 LOL. Savages!

Fuck the Ticos. Hope Ecuador stomps them in the playoff

It was beyond hilarious watching a strength and conditioning coach out of his element trying to control the situation lol

I thought he was going to cry after Bornstein scored