I just watched an incredible dream fall victim to a horrible set
of circumstances today.... I truly don't know what went wrong
or who or what is responsible.... One thing I do know
though.... Les Dickens and Jason Darrah have been
committing a tremendous amount of personal energy and
financial resources to help develop the sport of MMA in
Canada. At this stage, things have gone seriously wrong. I
have travelled from Vancouver with a crew of 10 filmmakers
to Vernon yesterday...obviously there are no fights to shoot....
that is my loss. On the other hand, Les Dickens has lost even

I am appealing to everyone who can help to please step
forward. If you can afford to forgo refunding your ticket,
please do so.... tell your friends to do the same if they can
afford it. I have spent the evening with Les and I know that he
is intending to fight this decision... this will not come easily or
without cost.... We should all get behind this promotion and
do whatever we can as a community to help support this
upcoming campaign. I am appealing to everyone from coast
to coast, lets help out any way we can. We can't afford to see
our sport driven back underground here in BC..... that's just

This truly is a sad day for the MMA community in Canada.
Let's try and help make the days to come somewhat brighter.


I have a question. Would calling our local MPP for our riding and asking them to lobby for MMA help? I mean, I'd do it but I am not sure what exactly I should be asking them to try and change. Any info would be helpful. Thanx.

Good question Dougie. Is there a petition that can be made?


I know that if there was anything I could do to help get MMA set up in Ontario or anywhere in Canada I would give it a shot.

In fact, maybe I will call my MPP.