Let's all make a bet

On when CapnKindButt returns. The person closest to the date collects the pot? My bet is around January 15th of next year.

What say you?

Lets make a bet instead on when you will STFU...

Well... okay.

My money is on... NEVER!!!!!!!!

"The person closest to the date collects the pot?"

shouldn't it be: "The person closest to the date collects the Capn's pot?"

Yes, you are correct.

He will return around preseason proclaiming Detroit's greatness and talking about how he never disappeared following their loss.

When he returns, I beg everyone to join me in making his threads about Detroit next season ghost towns for at least as long as he stays gone right now. That would be perfect if all Detroit threads created by him had zero responses every time, only to have similar threads bashing Detroit created by other forum members.

"Hahahaha. My computer is down buttfuckers. Read my post. At least I am man enough to admit when I am wrong."

Whatever. if your computer is down how are you here now? I find that pretty convenient given your track record.

I was on here RIGHT AFTER the Suns lost to the Spurs.

"If you think that I would let this shit stop me from insulting you bitches, then you are high. "

Maybe I am high, but I dont see what that has to do with anything.

I read your post and think its funny that you have basically pulled a 180 and now agree with what everyone here has been telling you for A LONG TIME. You displayed the same cocky over the top attitude that your team did and now you dont know what to do.

Man the NBA forum is complete now. I felt so... empty! ;)

"I'm on someone else's, retard. "

Oh so this is the first computer you have come across with a working internet connection since your sorry ass team was bounced? Bullshit.

"I knew exactly what to do and I did it."

I dont think youve ever known "exactly what to do"

"Unlike boneheads like you, I can admit when I'm wrong. That's what a man does. "

What? Why would I have to "admit when I'm wrong"? My team got screwed and still almost won. When I AM wrong I admit it.

And by the way, what a MAN really does is take his licks like he is supposed to, which is EXACTLY what I did after my team lost. Even though it was hardly a case of "the better team won".

"Are you STILL whining"

Its not a matter of whining, even you admitted that the Suns got a raw deal. I just don't want people to forget the way things REALLY played out.

And maybe the Suns are an "almost" team. Maybe they always will be. But that doesnt matter to me because I am a fan for life and winning an NBA chamionship wouldnt mean anything to me if it wasnt the Suns that did it.

The reality is Ive never been a fan of a champion. My teams are the Phoenix Suns, the ASU Sun Devils(Football/BBall), the TCU Horned Frogs(Football), and the SD Chargers (Cause LT was a horned frog).

I felt success in high school, I was a really solid SG/SF and my high school's team won a state title while I was there. But I dont know what it feels like to "be the best" or even be a fan of the best. Maybe I never will. But its not the destination, it is the journey. And that is something someone like you will never understand.

"Uh yeah. Unlike people like you, I have a life. I have been home taking care of my daughter who has been ill. So yeah, I haven't been anywhere lately. "

LOFL, dude Im not going to bring family into this but dont= taking care of a kid to =having a life. That is called responsibilities.

"As if it's any of your business. "

Not that its any of your business, but I have a great life. Im a good looking athletic male in my early twenties. I make good money and go to college. I work hard, party hard, and ball hard. Women love me and I excel at everything I attempt. I am about as content as you can be while still moving forward.

Dont project your unhappiness with your life or your situation on me, because it doesnt hurt me and all it really does is make me feel sorry for you (and if that was your goal, then bravo).

"At least I am man enough to admit when I am wrong"

The difference is, I never ran my mouth saying the suns were going to roll right through to the finals and kick ass there too. I wasnt "wrong" about anything because I didnt jinx my team by recklessly running my mouth.

"You are a joke. "

Nope. Your team keeping Saunders though, this is some kind of SICK joke.

Alright guys you are taking this shit WAY too personally.

"Another stupid remark. Having a family is a life. However, making 17,000 plus posts on a forum indicates a lack of a life. "

Yes having a family is having a life, but dont try to tear me down and bring dumbshit like that into play in the first place. I wouldnt trade places with anyone on the planet, I love everything about my reality.

As far as my post count, that is spaced out across the time the forum has been in the new format. which has been a pretty fuckin long time. Of people that have the "Member Since: 01/01/2001" tag I am on the lower end for post count, and a bunch of those came from when I was doing office work.

"Whatever would make you think that I was unhappy. I have a great life."

Well your general disposition for one thing, but I hope that is true. Despite the barbs I trade with people on this forum and the OG I have no ill will towards anyone and hope they arent the souless pathetic husks they portray on this forum.

"This is the strangest shit ever. Are you trying to brag on yourself?"

No Im not "bragging on myself" I am countering your allusion that I am some sort of loser because I have a post count you think is high. But you can think what you want, its not a big deal to me.

"You're good looking? To whom? Yourself? Women love you? Which women? Certainly not all women."

Of course not 100% of women, but I do better than most. This isnt posturing or gloating, and while it may be arrogant it is the reality of my situation.

"I excel at everything I attempt? Well you have over 17,000 posts and I'm here to tell ya. You're not excelling at this. "

And what is "this" exactly? Judging some of the things you have posted, your opinion of my writing skills means very little to me.

"So you are in your early 20's, huh? THAT explains alot. You are still a boy. "

Whatever you have to tell yourself buddy. I dont think I have been called "boy" in many years though. Maybe of few words that could be considered synonymous, but those came from AARP members. And its kind of sad if you are quite a bit older than me and yet you still post the things you do. That is only a reflection on you buddy.

Most everybody here likes or at least tolerates me. Because when it comes down to it after all the smack talk, we are all fans of this excellent sport.

You chose to alienate yourself and that is your descision, but dont act like Im so immature when you act in a juvenile manner every time you come on here.

And dont presume that I am unhappy with my LIFE because the sports teams that I follow arent as successful as I would like. That is ridiculous. I love life and I love this game but the two are not one and the same (Im a badass poet too apparently).

"by the way, Laker fans and Celtic fans have every right to give Suns fans shit. Because , you guessed it, The Suns HAVE NEVER WON SHIT!! "

Im well aware of what my team has and has not done. But it is stupid to think that anyone should care what a lakers or Celts fan would say when their teams SUCK NOW. They were both DYNASTYS in the PAST. People should be more concerned with what their teams are doing now.

"PS Don't take the smack so personally. You seem like an alright guy. Your team is just overrated. Like mine. peace CKB. "

My team is hardly overrated. Just not very lucky.

"Alright guys you are taking this shit WAY too personally. "

Im not taking any of this personally brian&CKB. As soon as I post its out of my mind. I take BBall related matters ALOT more personally :P

Don't & me with that Pistons fan faggot!


lol @ CapnKindBud's insult!!!

"wrestlingsuck (as you do)"

Seriously...THAT was your barb?! I'm speechless. That was all you could muster after 2 weeks of trying to come up with something to say?

Just give up.

LMAO!! I'm with wrestling sucks, sounds like a great plan.

OMFG Floppy you have a post count of 54232! You must be a fucking complete loser!

I know I wish MY post count was only in triple digits so I could be cool like KindBud and take care of rugrats and become a realtor!

We should all probably just kill ourselves now. I mean its still Pistons in 07 baby! It doesnt matter that they are eliminated they WILL win this chip this year!

He's the undisputed king of suck! ;)