Let's be honest here! Have you ever gotten cramps

From not waiting 30 minutes to swim after you eat??

I know I haven't. Phone Post 3.0

Never....Never knew anyone this has supposed to have happened to.

How about just going swimming in water where you can touch the bottom as a work around or to play it safe Phone Post 3.0

Thought this was gonna be a shart thread

I usually wait 2 hours between eating and going on any physical activity.
I ate some dairy product once and went on a walk to the beach. On the way back I started having serious diarrhea pushes. I managed to get home a few seconds before the big assplosion. NEVER AGAIN Phone Post 3.0


No one is going to say yes...everyone that waited 29 minutes or less to swim after eating, drowned...(RIP). 

Doesn't happen, it's a myth. I mean you can get a stitch like any other exercise but it's not like you get in the water and instantly drown. Phone Post 3.0

I only really ever experienced that old wives tale going on when I was a kid at a picnic or big function where thee would be swimming.

I think parents used it so they could enjoy their meal and have a break from keeping their eyes on their kids for a half hour.

of course not

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No one is going to say yes...everyone that waited 29 minutes or less to swim after eating, drowned...(RIP). 

This is only a slight exaggeration.

People really don't take this seriously enough.

Digestion cramps are attributed to 80% of drowning deaths in the US each year, or, to put a number on it, well over four-million deaths annually.

yeah, but many of those are in bath tubs, sinks, bidets, or on dry land with no water in sight. I think OP is just talking about people who drown while swimming.

I eat in my pool all the time. Vodka soaked watermelon in a chilled bowl for the win!

This is my backyard, I stand by my post that eating and swimming won't kill you


For honestus

Phone Post 3.0

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Dammit I came in here for this:

I live in Central NY outside of Syracuse.

I decided to renew my blue so here's some more pics.







Its funny I have a pool here (it was in when I bought the house) but swim in the lake most of the time unless I'm drinking with friends.