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Does Kirik have a Wikipedia page? If not he should.

Please add your input of the life and times of Kirik. So hopefully if one day he does get a page, we have this wonderful thread to help us out on editing it. I'll start.

Kirik Jenness was born under a triple rainbow, underwater, and in a Volcano. Immediately after being born, sea turtles brought him to the magical land of Kenya. Kirik means "Boner Ninja" in Swahili. He spent his adolescent years... Phone Post 3.0

Kings of April fools. "Top men" Phone Post 3.0

Irishyouwould - Kings of April fools. "Top men" Phone Post 3.0
Oh and if anyone knows stories of Kirik and his top men, that would be a great addition Phone Post 3.0

Kirik Jenness landed on Earth June 30th, 1908 in Siberia. Phone Post 3.0

Put that he wrote "Kiss From a Rose". Phone Post 3.0

Wrote a book
Made a website
Profited Phone Post 3.0

Early in his youth he found himself interested in civil rights activism. His main focus was the plight of message board enthusiasts and posters during the early days of the internet. Kirik vowed to always be sympathetic to their cause. Phone Post 3.0

Talk about the time I saved his life. Phone Post 3.0

"He made his first million off of blue names."

Constantly searching for top men as he is a bottom Phone Post 3.0

The youngest wrestler to win the NWA championship belt.

After Ebay stopped charging for photo uploads, Kirik became the world's only website operator still charging it's members a fee to post pictures on the internet.

he only frontman