Let's discuss Teddy Roosevelt

His name keeps coming up in everything I do. Mainly, the outdoors, our park systems, conservation, hunting, etc. He keeps appearing on books I read about US history, guns, war, etc. He appears to have lived one of the most amazing lives ever. Because of this, I have decided to start researching his life.

I am currently reading "River of Doubt." So far I have learned that he was a sickly child, and because of this his father built him a gym and said he had to build his body, and he did.  He ws a president, a battle hardened commander, an explorer, and a genuine badass. I mean, he was once shot before a speech and continued to give the speech with the bullet lodged in his ribs. He also helped along a rebellion in Columbia which helped Panama gain independence and in turn, allowed the creation of the Panama Canal... 

So, I am reading about his trip down an uncharted amazonian river. I am just getting started. Tell me stuff about TR here. 


We all know TR was a butterface.

More pics.


Stu Cazzo -


Was he white? Check


He was a manly man. No one can doubt that. 

Went to my hometown in Puerto Rico (Utuado) and pointed at a local river and told them that there should be a bridge there.
...so now there is a bridge