Well, sorry it took so long to get back here but 8 hours a day in the gym and not a lot of time for the web. Marks,, be real dude,you and I and everyone else in So Cal know that I wasn't going to fight in the may 30th show because of the fact that I'm fighting in the kotc ppv event june 12th so YOU get shit straght and come right. now as far as the hole shit talking goes I'm glad to see that you stopped actin like you where this bad ass striker that would stand with me and knock me out but you still seem to lack the one thing I wanted you to get,,, being hummbled just didn't click with you did it?

Fact, first fight: wanted nothing to do with me standing up! second fight: the same but even though it was 5DAYS after my WAR with Chad Davis (IN KOTC) I still had enough ground def. to keep it on are feet where when you tried to trade with me I punked you like a little OHHHH i don't know BICTH!! HAAAAAAAHH

well now that I got that of my chest FUCKING PRAY that when I call chris and terry tonight they don't give me the ok to fight you so close to there evevt because if they do MAKE YOUR PEASE WITH GOD!!!



TTT's for mark curling up in a little ball(like a bitch) when getting hit standing!!!! I saw the tape,,, funny shit



I was at that fight Mike hit Cedric in the head about 30 times.

>:)ya that was after we where already on the ground, sucks cause I only got three or four good shots in at a time standing because no matter what he says he can't and won't stand with me>:}


I don't know any of the principals involved. However I have the urg to tell Marks to shoot. ;)


hmmm, el verdugo. you should not let yourself get angry before a fight! LOL

LOL!! ya I'll keep cool fightnight apple!

Seal let me know if your schedule is open for July... Cedric is booked, for sure....