Lets fight Shannon!


First, the hits were not to the back of the head - they were to the side of your face. They were illegal because your head was on the mat and the strikes were downward.

Second, you were out. Everyone there knows you were out. Everyone who saw it knows without a doubt that you were out. That is probably why you don't remember that the strikes were not to the back of your head. You remained limp for quite a while after the KO. Everyone ringside knew you were ko'ed.

Third, the promoter came into the ring later and announced that Cedric had won regardless of what the official results had to say because of the BS TX rule.

You seem to be the only person there that night that remembers the fight the way you do.


Shannon, I'll restate this one more time, you know I have no PERSONAL problem with you. I know that you're a good fighter, and that night was MY night. It's also good to see that you're accomplishing quite a few things with your fighting career. All that's cool. I'm not trying to fight you for a name; I've never really cared about making a name for myself in this sport. I just really like to fight. BUT, when that rumor popped up, I decided to put an end to it myself. People that watched the fight know whats up, and so do you and I. If you say you weren't KO'd, then only you and the doctors know for sure. To me, it looked like you were out, but that's neither here nor there.

I have nothing to gain by getting anything started with you. Again, I just like to fight, and if I ever get the chance to fight you again, I'm sure we both agree that the outcome would be clear, leaving no room for stupid ass rumors to get resurfaced, regardless of who won. Anywho, that's that. I'm done talking about it now, I'm glad to see you responded. Train hard, and stay safe Shannon.


PS Hey Dhira, that is one long ass name for a website you got on your profile. It's cool, but "JKD.COM" would've been cooler;-)

got excited when i saw "...Shannon" thought you meant Logan. Now that would be a better fight

Um, sorry Onesided, you'll have to give me a little more of a hint. Anyway, I'm not mad atcha, remember, I'm the FRIENDLY neighborhood Spider Man, not the grouchy ass Spider Freak;-) Ok, I gotta go catch some flies.


well good luke to both of you and as far as Mr.marcks and him never being knocked out,, I fought him two time and I know for a fact if he would of stood up with me I would of K.Oed him.,,,TTT's for the chance to prove it in Seal,marksIII.

Mike El Verdugo Seal


yeah, I know marks likes to hit the back of the haed LOTT. He was checked on it twice in are fights.


He hit Ritch in the side of the head, they were legal except for Shannon's head being against the mat.

He is clearly awake and coherant in those pics.

trainedkilla, I know I don't have the best vision in the world, but what damned pictures are you looking at?? You can't really tell either way.

I know Shannon in passing, and if he says he wasn't KO'd then I believe him, but those pictures don't show whether he was or not!!

Damn...gotta hate when someone pops in the pics.

Actually if you look closely, it seems as if he was indeed KO'd. Look at his toes in the first picture. In the second picture, they are exactly the same. No movement although you know some time has passed for the ref to jump accross the ring and put spidey in the corner. In the third picture the left foot shifts slightly, but most likely because of the guy moving shannon. And in the fourth pic, they are the same. Nothing really moved between the first and fourth pic. Yet, a significant amount of time has passed. He was either ko'd or was just laying there perfectly still.

Wow, those are great pics!;-) Anywho, VerDUCK-o, you have a lot of freakin' nerve coming on here talking any crap at all! So, I COMPLETELY outclass you in the fistr fight, then, in the second one, after driving 2 days to Cali from Texas, not training the whole week i was there before the fight, I finally gassed out in the second round and you were able to beat me (mind you, I didn't tap because of your punches, I just didn't have the energy left to do anything from the position i was). So, then, we finally has a chance to settle all this crap between us in one final match up on May 30th, and guess who pulls out at the last minute...let the people guess...thats right folks, SEAL cancels at the end. So don't you sit there and try and promote a fight that you're running from.

I tell you this, Mikey, the next time we meet, there's going to be NO questions about what's what. Whether I win lose, or draw, I'm bringing everything i have to the table, something which I haven't done against you yet. So, when you feel CONFIDENT enough for Marks/ Seal III, you let Eric know, because he's ready to put it on. I'm not going to cry over my loss against you, you beat me, whether I was in shape or not, and that's my fault. Ok, now I'm all riled up!! Looks like I'm gonna have to go take it out with a good grudge f#@king on my girlfriend!


Oh yeah, WHEN did the ref warn ME about hits to the back of the head? As I remember, it was YOU getting warned about throwing those WEAK ass downward elbows at me in our first little tango! Get your story straight young man! Ok, NOW it's humpin' time.

Yeah, those palms that I threw were to Ritches jaw and ear, NONE to the back of the head. It was because his head was on the mat that the whole thing got ruled no-contest.

I seriously can't wait for Seal vs Marks III .. it is
as entertaining as any fight at any level IMO

i think parrish's explanation is legit.

Ya, I think my explanation is legit also. I was looking at the upper body to see what was happening, but with the people interfering, you can really say. So i looked to the toes. Most of the time, if someone is just dazed they will still move their legs some or their feet. But that wasnt the case in those pictures.

I think i will start a new career soon as a Crime Scene Investigator. Thanks for the idea Gigantor.