Let's get RICH in the Stock market 2022


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You and your cuck bro’s on here have been wrong since the top was called by @iamhe! Go back to your glory hole cuck boy you lost all your moms retirement money!

LOL anyone of reasonable intelligence can read this thread and with some simple sluething discover your NUMEROUS Trade FAILURES and NEGATIVE ROI MarketChasing Method

Serious question…

I ran into a few bucks. Obviously things are god awful right now. But I know Amazon is doing a 20 for 1 split in a few weeks.

Am I wrong to think that it’s a safe place to park some money for a few years at these levels? Even with the pedophile and gang in office right now and what they’re doing?

I’m struggling to understand how Amazon stock will not only go up from the $100 range (post-split) back to over a thousand one day.

Am I missing something here?

I would wait. The problem with FANGS is its in everything. When stocks selloff they get sold hard out of all of the funds. I think that’s what Michael Burry was saying about passive investing. I think we are seeing what he has been saying about it play out in realtime.

I am staying away from popular retail trading stocks for right now…but do your own research.


Man this is shit. The losses now have gone into my money. Is this a recession, depression, is this the reset. Man I need some positive news…

Futures up nicely…Short covering rally looking Great tonight!

I moved my money into the money market when Biden was elected. I knew how this disaster was going to go.

Yeah but you missed a huge rally to all time highs…People also did the same thing when Trump went into office…

MrBoone, hang in there. This to shall pass. Hold and don’t sell and you’ll make back your money that you’re down. Time heals all wounds and stock loses. Trust me…it’s all good!


Looks like the markets are trending upwards at the moment, trying to keep out of bear territory.

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I think there is going to be a massive reversal incoming this afternoon. I am covering my short puts while I still can.

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I am thinking we have a down market up until late next week when we’ll get a feel good Friday before the long weekend.

Lets see if I am correct.

Everything is fine

This market trend is RELENTLESS.

Still keeping powder dry.


Never trust Thursday’s trend going into Fridays.

Anyone feel Elon’s political choices is going to kill Tesla? I noticed a significant drop after his Right claims and after the sex scandal bs…

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If true…we are doomed! Buy oil, Buy puts on everything! Cash is King!

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Probably nothing